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    Last Sunday I woke up and made Trevan a special birthday breakfast. Well, not really incredibly special, just pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries, and scrambled eggs with sausage. But I brought it to him in bed, a tradition in our family for whomever has a birthday.

    After that, I went downstairs and turned on the Roku to see what program I could watch to kick off my Sabbath before the kids woke up. Originally, I thought I might find an episode of the discussions on the scriptures from BYUtv. My mom has raved about them many times. I've watched some of them, but usually they require 100% focus and sometimes I let my mind wander too much. Today's selection was October 2017 General Conference. I scrolled through the sessions and decided to watch John C. Pingree's address called, "I have a work for Thee".

    He started his comments with the following:

    To Moses, God declared, “I have a work for thee” (Moses 1:6). Have you ever wondered if Heavenly Father has a work for you? Are there important things He has prepared you—and specifically you—to accomplish? I testify the answer is yes!"

    Well, I have felt guided, directed, and even compelled to do the work I've been doing since 2000, which has resulted in my books, blog, podcast and various training programs. I find tremendous joy in doing the work, and feel that is is one of the things I was sent here to do. It's fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding.

    But I know that I also have an important work to do with Family History. I'm currently the Stake Temple and Family History Consultant, and it's my nature to feel like I need to make a giant splash with that assignment. I vacillate between wanting to do something huge, and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Sometimes that turns into inaction, because if I can't do it big, sometimes I don't do anything at all.

    But I feel like I'm being tutored in this. That morning, as I listened to the talk, he only had to finish his opening statement ("Are there important things He has prepared you—and specifically you—to accomplish? I testify the answer is yes!") and I was prompted to get my dress on right then and drive around to the 4 buildings and post a pamphlet on Language Skills Needed for Indexing on the bulletin boards.

    That was it. That was all. I sit in overwhelm with too many ideas, that sometimes I miss the one little idea that matters. All He needed me to do that day was to staple some pamphlets to the bulletin boards at the meeting houses.

    He reminded me that it is by small and simple means that great things are brought to pass. He reminded me that if I do my small part, He can inspire, lead, and guide the right person to notice the pamphlet on the wall in the hall.

    It's the little things that further His work. And as we have faith in the little things making a difference, even if we can't see it happening, then because we are exercising that faith, His work in our lives will continue.

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