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    Thomas Chock

    I have been exposed to many "self-help" types of programs, having been a life coach myself for a while.

    This course is awesome. It's not because there's some kind of Tony Robbins shine to it (I'm a fan of Tony, don't get me wrong), it's not some uncomfortable "new age" deal (I also am a fan of "new age" stuff, meditation, energy stuff, etc.), and no one is bashing you over the head with sales pitches to try to upsell you.

    I haven't been bombarded with emails trying to get me to buy more or attend some seminar or webinar or whatever.

    I feel like everything I read, everything Leslie is asking me to do, it all resonates with my personal beliefs and value system. I feel like everything comes from a place of experience, and so much of the experiences Leslie shares are painfully familiar. I love how humble and "aw shucks" Leslie is with this. Don't confuse that with weak, either.

    I feel like Leslie is right alongside me, continuing to learn from her own life experiences. I feel like she doesn't set herself up as some guru or expert (though she really is and should be considered as such), but has given form and function to the principles and practices that have helped her. She's simply sharing information. No high-pressure sales tactics to get me to buy.

    This stuff works, folks. I'm only half-way through (should be farther along, but hey life happens and we just keep pushing forward, right?) and I'm excited to get to the second half. I am excited to take advantage of Leslie's generous offer to review my vision statement, my goal.

    I struggle with the idea that I need help with this stuff. Clearly I needed help, and thankfully Leslie and the Jackrabbit Factor and the FTMF program showed up at the right time when I was ready for it.

    If you're on the fence about it, I would say "choose to believe that you have been led to this program at this time because you are ready for it and it's the perfect program for where you're at right now."

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    Dario Dzierzon

    Leslie asks to highlight all the parts in the lessons that strike me. Most of the time the whole page is highlighted. I think I have improved the most in not getting discouraged, when things don’t turn out the way I’ve planned anymore. I used to let my mood drop down to zero, when I would invest time and the results wouldn’t come. Still many clients did not close the deal. But I now have the insurance that success is on its way or that it will maybe turn out even better than planned.

    The biggest eye opener for me was the law of Perpetual Transmutation. Sometimes I would force myself to see things positive and to not freak out because I would be afraid to dispel success that is maybe almost there. I could not risk it. To always control my thoughts turned out to be very exhausting at times.

    But it was not just trying, hoping and believing that it would one day come. Knowing, that everything is possible, with absolutely no limitation, I have set my goals much higher and have achieved remarkable results in only a few weeks. I have not reached all of my goals in the set time frame but I have certainly been much more successful than before.
    Thanks Leslie

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