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    This course is changing my life! We are already seeing HUGE results. We have quadrupled our income and moved from the tiny 2 bedroom apartment that we have lived in for 2 years into a simply beautiful 5 bedroom home that is everything we dreamed of and more! It is bringing us great satisfaction to have responsibility and ownership for the care of the yard and home. We plan on actually purchasing a home (this one is a rental) in about a year, and I am finally believing that that home can be wonderful, and exactly what we want, rather than needing to start with an old mobile home or something, as we had assumed previously.

    I just want to say thank you to Leslie for pursuing your mission and creating this course, writing books, and sharing your knowledge. I am so grateful to have a friend who is showing interest and seems to be ready to learn. It's really fun helping them to understand and pointing to the next step of understanding, without thinking that I have to fix things for them!
    Most of all, I am grateful to my Father in Heaven who has made all of this possible. Realizing that I am HIS CHILD, and that he WANTS to bless me abundantly with the things that I want as well as need, just as I wish to bless my children, has really been a life-changing realization.

    Here is to the journey!

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