Mid-Term Experience

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    Jason Wangsgard

    The mid-term was more challenging than I expected. I have been able to successfully "make things happen" throughout my life at different times, but I have never been able to pinpoint what actually made the difference between the times that things "worked" and times that things didn't work or didn't show up in my life. The mid-term took me about a week. For the first several days I did not focus rigorously on my goal. I spent some time pondering it the first day, but then didn't think about it again until after about a week when I realized I needed to make this happen. I decided to write the goal in a simple format on a piece of paper and keep it with me and keep my mind focused on it all day long. I just kept consciously repeating and visualizing the small goal in my head over and over and over all day long. Before I would realize it, my mind would wander and I would have to bring it back. I really had to force my mind to stay on topic. Near the end of the day, an idea came to me that allowed my goal to happen, and it did happen that very night. In this case the thing didn't just show up randomly, but the right idea/inspiration came to my mind that opened the way for it to happen that I did not see until that point. I was a little disappointed that it didn't just magically show up like in some other stories I read, but I now realize that the "how" does not matter. I got the end goal, which means I successfully used "faith" to make it happen. We need to be prepared to meet the thing we want halfway and start doing all we can to make our way towards it as it makes its way towards us. Awesome!

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