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    I decided I wanted to completely redo my office. A lot of the stuff in here is just stuff I "had" or "could get," and the rest doesn't really suit.

    Obviously, since I have to work, I couldn't just throw out the desk and everything. What I did do was start imagining what I would want if everything was gone.

    The main thing was I wanted not only a large desk, but a really cool desk. I remembered a very large slab of wood in our garage that used to be an attic door (it's actually several boards fastened together to be wide enough). It has a lot of character, and is 36" by 70", which is a great size for me. I want a computer area and a writing area. This desk will be awesome. I am building some basic shelves for bases to hold it up, because another thing I wanted was room to put my printers besides on the "table" (two ugly file cabinets and an ugly slab of particle board) they're on. The desk will handle that.

    I'm painting my bookshelves, because they're in good shape. Futon goes in the garage, and I have a sofa coming tonight.

    I promised my file cabinets to someone last night, so I had to take away the "table" and get that space cleared out.

    Today I have to get the futon out and the pathway cleared for my new-to-me (and FREE) sofa.

    But when will I find time to do the desk? I have to get the bookshelves painted, the bases constructed and painted, and the bookshelves in place behind the desk before I can put it in.

    Knowing how I put stuff off, I just gave my desk away. They're picking it up Friday evening, so I HAVE to get that desk finished. I've decided to ask Samantha, 10, to paint my bookshelves for me, and pay her for it so she has spending money besides her allowance. I can finish the bases tonight or in the morning when it's not so hot (have to saw outside, of course) and she can paint those, as well.

    Then I just have to clear off this desk & get it outside.

    Since I couldn't create a physical "vacuum" without being unable to work, I had to create a mental vacuum. Then, I had to force a physical vacuum by giving stuff away, so that if I don't get the new stuff finished, I have to work on the floor.

    Just knowing how the vacuum law works has really helped me use it not only to create the space, but to overcome the barriers of being "too busy" to do what I really want. I know I'm going to work so much better in my new environment, and this is a great way to get there.

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    Hudson Bower

    I am starting my new office and I need some office furniture and sofa set.

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    Go Go Gadget Vacuum Law! 😀

    Let us know what happens, Jennifer!


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    Great Job!

    I did a similar thing this week. I cleaned out my closet this weekend. I got rid of all the clothes that didn't fit or were just plain old and frumpy. Nothing new yet, but we shall see how it goes.

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