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    As I think on the many areas of my life that need work I get overwhelmed.

    Would it be appropriate instead to think of the traits of the person who has and is, all the things I would like to have and be, and focus on my needed changes from that view? Would that work?

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    Mona Matney

    I Also think on the many areas of my life that need scott properties I get overwhelmed.

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    Begin by identifying those traits and choose one you want to focus on. Then write your statement “I am ___________” as though you already possess that trait. Let that be your affirmation and say it often. When you’re driving down the road alone, shout it out again and again. Say it every day, even though you feel like you might be lying. After about 3 or 4 weeks you’ll begin to believe it, and then you’ll start to demonstrate it in a natural way. Then one day, someone will probably pay you a compliment out of the blue using that term, and you’ll realize how far you’ve come.

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