A Great Feeling!

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    I just had the funniest experience… I was reading a blog post by a favorite cartoonist, and he mentioned the word “recession.”

    You know what my reaction was? This is so interesting…

    Suddenly, at the exact moment of reading that word, I had a great feeling of excitement in my stomach and heart! I felt this wave of… I don’t know… opportunity.

    I’m so, so grateful for this community, and for all the support and ongoing education we provide for each other. This is the reason I responded to the word “recession” with a feeling of absolute excitement for the great things to come in my life! Thank you to everyone here! 🙂


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    I agree with all of you. There are so many opportunites that may be available to each of us. I’m excited to see where things lead and what my part will be in helping others. Thank you everyone for putting such a great spin on things.

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    Loved your thoughts! Thanks so much.

    I have been able to avoid giving in to the majority
    thinking and your post put into words what I’ve
    been feeling!

    What a great way to live!


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    I couldn’t agree with you more Harmony. I have felt more opportunity for prosperity in the last few weeks than ever before. I honestly feel that we each have the opportunity to rise above the “complainers” and really soar right now. I’m so excited to be a part of this with all of you!

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