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    So I was completely out of vibration with my home in West Jordan Utah, and EVERYONE around me knew it. Finally, I decided that it was enough that I would create a vacuum and let God fill it. So we listed our home for rent, which it rented almost right away. We decided we would move to Denver (We had not gotten clear on what home we were in vibration with). We moved to Denver, hoping to find a house. Now we moved in May, with 5 kids into a small 2200 Sq Foot home with my sister and her three kids and her husband’s uncle, yes 13 people under 1 roof. We kept looking at houses, putting offers, and loosing the house. It wasn’t until I happened on a copy Of Jackrabbit Factor (You see EVERYTHING we own was packed and in storage in PODS containers, so the fact that I actually found my Jackrabbit Factor book was amazing). Anyhow I found my book and thumbed through it until I remembered the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, and realized that I had created a major vacuum which the Universe was waiting to fill, but *I* was blocking it. I needed to be clear on what I wanted and needed. So I sat down and very vaguely thought of what I wanted, and I found a very vague representation of what I thought * wanted. Then hit yet another road block. I then got completely clear with what my family needed in a home. Within 1 week of me writing that letter I am now in Arizona, enjoying a beautiful new home, that is WELL within our budget, in fact we even created a positive monthly cash flow which we’ve never had before!

    Was I a “Vacuum Law” skeptic, you bet! Am I a “believer” now? YOU BET!!!!

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    What a great story! I have some areas in my life right now where I am being vague with my desires! It’s time to sit down and get clear about what I want and get out of my own way! Thanks for sharing your experience — I hope I have fast results like you did:)!

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