A merciful God

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    Sariah -

    I new all things are from God so when I first heard about these laws I wanted nothing to do with them- until my sister shared with me the hidden treasure book. It all made sense now! It combined God's will and our free agency. Nature's law and God's law. It gave me hope for the first time in my life. I started to apply the laws. I started with something simple. I wanted a piano. Every room in my house was full so I cleared a space for the piano and told everyone in the house that that space was for our piano. We didn't have the money at the time and didn't know how we would get it- but I wanted to teach my children. Later I had family in town and I had to put something in that space to make room for them. I was so sad! I really wanted the piano. I left for the day, came back, and there was a piano in my living room! ! I started crying! My family said that a friend dropped it off, that her friend was moving and couldn't take it, and thought I could use it.
    So grateful for this opportunity to learn more and apply these principles with bigger things in my life.

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