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    I finished my assignments on the Law of Gestation, but I have a question. I imagine you have had it before!
    In this lesson it says, “Don’t limit your results by deciding how long something should take. Just be at peace knowing it is truly coming…You don’t have to know when; you just have to know that it will come.”

    I don’t have a problem with that at all.

    So why do we set a date for our goals?


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    Alisa! I loved your post for this topic so much. Exactly what I needed. Thanks as always!

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    I feel that I am worthy of my goal and deserving of my goal. My challange comes when setting dates. I see it/them as if my goals have already happened. I write them daily other than that I am not sure what else to do. I have them written just not dated.

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    Thanks for the comments on this everyone! Alisa, I always love what you post. I needed the “millionaire” comment for me and for those in my business. I’m going to pass that one along.

    I also appreciated the other threads that you reposted, too.

    One thing I might add and I think someone may have mentioned this is that it may not be inconsequential enough. When I was setting some short term goals, I was looking too far out. Leslie told me to think of what I could do THIS WEEK to get myself closer to my long term goal. Perhaps that is where you are at with the inconsequential one. Just pick something easy like finding the right parking spot, hearing a favorite song, talking to someone in particular, finding an item that is lost. Maybe that will help you in reaching your midterm.

    As I posted in the link that Alisa added, my problem was my BELIEF level. I just didn’t KNOW I would find what I was looking for. When I KNEW I would find it, it did!

    Hope that helps some!

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    Oh, my! That was a pretty heavy answer for the “inconsequential” goal, wasn’t it? It was really helpful for me to put that response together — it really brought some things together for me and helped me understand some things that are happening for me right now.

    But, it really wasn’t relevant to the “inconsequential” goal. Here are a couple of threads that are relevant to what you are asking about the “inconsequential” goal:



    Also, you said: “I have used the laws for other things recently that worked, but this was a step up from those tiny things.” Remember that it’s supposed to be “inconsequential,” not a “step up from those tiny things.” I would be sure you are picking something “inconsequential” — believe me, you will have plenty of time to try these out on bigger things as you progress through the course and beyond!

    Good luck! We look forward to hearing your success!

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    Alisa, I also love your response. Thanks for the tips on what to do when you feel your goal so close and it’s just not quite there. Sometimes that gestation period is frustrating when we want something now.

    Katie, the “inconsequential” goal, for some reason, was a block for many of us who have gone through the course. It’s almost like you want it so badly that you feel stress and pressure. And I think the reason Leslie made it “inconsequential” is so we wouldn’t feel stress and pressure. One thing I did and I know a few others have done as well is to simply change what you want. When I switched my focus to something else, I did get the goal I switched to, but also found that my first one came with no more effort or thought. Thanks, Katie, for bringing this topic back to the forefront. It’s something I definitely needed to review at this time.

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    Thank you Alisa, I loved that response! The whole gestation thing make sense to me for bigger goals, even though it isn’t always easy to live. Right now, I am just trying to do my “inconsequential” thing for my mid-term. At what point do you stop and try something new? My deadline was just yesterday, but I would love to have my mid-term done so I can move on. I have used the laws for other things recently that worked, but this was a step up from those tiny things. I think it will be useful for helping me figure out all of this, but maybe it is too much for the midterm?

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    I am in the same situation. Because we can’t define the gestation period for a goal, it’s hard to know how much time to allow for bigger goals. It’s easy to set a finite goal like: “I’m going to have my Power Hour every morning for 4 weeks,” but it is trickier to set a goal when you don’t know what that finite period is.

    You definitely don’t want to give up on the goal — when I feel tempted to give up, I think of the story of the man who quit drilling for oil when he was only 3 feet away!

    Remember in the epilogue of Jackrabbit when Richard tells his son that he shouldn’t get discouraged right away. The first trip to find his car may only lead him to something else he needs to do. Sometimes what we think is a destination is really a step. Because life is really a journey!

    In Hidden Treasures, Leslie talks about how there are two things in our control which will help shorten the gestation period: the intensity with which we seek and faith (which we increase through study and obedience).

    James Allen said: “The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state… Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”

    For example: There is a big difference between wanting a million dollars and becoming a millionaire. You can get excited about wanting a million dollars, but that won’t bring you a million dollars. Your habits, beliefs and programming need to become those of a millionaire. When you have become a millionaire, then your million dollars will find you!

    I really wanted my goal to come a month ago; I was so sure it would! But in truth I wasn’t ready for my goal a month ago. I wanted it (the idea was planted in my conscious mind and I was working toward it), but I wasn’t it yet (my habits, beliefs and programming in my subconscious mind haven’t become the goal yet).

    Because my eye is still on my goal, I continue learning things with a new depth I didn’t have before. I’m creating new beliefs and programming to prepare myself for the realization of my goal! Would I trade everything I have learned this past month just to have had my goal a month ago? No! Realizing the new goal will be SO much better because of all I’ve learned this past month!

    As far as setting a new date, I’ll let someone else answer that. I’m not always good at setting dates — the dates get too distracting for me. And I’m not good at picking the date. For example, we know that a pregnancy is on average about 9 months. But if I were setting a goal for the birth of my baby (and I didn’t know about the 9-month average), I would want my baby to come in one month — so I would have had to keep setting a new date because the baby would have been growing inside me, but would not have been ready to be born. As you know, if a baby was born after one month, it wouldn’t even be able to survive. God’s timing is always perfect, but I am not always good at guessing what that timing is!

    The important thing is to keep believing in your goal, and to keep learning all you can to help you become your goal. Exercise faith and obedience as you develop great habits, programs, and beliefs!

    Be sure that your goal is worthy of you — and if it is, then keep moving toward your goal and never, never, never give up!

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    So what happens if you get to that date and the thing hasn’t happened yet and you feel like you have done all you know to do to that moment? Do you set a new date to keep you excited? Or just be patient and know that it is that much closer?

    It seems that it is always when I get to that date that I give up and decide it must not be God’s will, and I am okay with that, and I stop dreaming about it. Then of course it never happens. I guess it is still being in love with the idea, but letting go of it.

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    If I don’t set a date, then I procrastinate and never quite get around to doing the goal. I can’t set a goal date too far in the future for the same reason. If I have three months to accomplish the goal, then I let two months pass before I even start taking action on it!

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    I want to second what Harmony said. Dates help us get excited, AND do what we have to do to reach our goals.

    I have heard people say that a goal without a date is just a wish. With a date, we’re always looking for the next action we can take and the next opportunity to move toward our goals. And with a date, we’ve determined that it WILL happen.

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    Thank you , Harmony.
    That seems reasonable to me.
    I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner – for some reason, your answer wasn’t emailed to me. I didn’t realize anyone had responded.

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    Paula, we set a date for our future goals to help generate excitement (“My jackrabbit’s just around the corner!”) and to compel us into taking action when that voice of inspiration comes.

    Basically, putting a time frame on our goals helps us to feel the great feelings and move our feet!

    But we also let go at the same time, knowing that the date is just a guess. We allow the universe to unfold in perfect, divine timing, and we use the date as a tool to keep ourselves on fire and alive with our goals.


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    I don’t havve a problem with that at all!

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