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    emailed to Leslie 6/1/2007

    I have been really trying to live these new laws that I have learned. I have been practicing expressing real gratitude. I have written down my wants & goals. I have been putting myself in harmony with the things I want, by changing my vibration.

    My question is (and I know I shouldn't feel frustrated) that I have been wanting a camper to go camping with my family. I would really like one by June 15th, the beginning of our camping season. I don't however want to strain our budget by paying on one for a couple years without being able to afford it. I also don't want to have a camper pre-maturely. June 15th is coming up really quick. How do I know if I have the right "time" for my goal of having a camper, and how do I be more patient waiting for these things to come.

    If you can help me understand and apply what I have read I would be very grateful!

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    When setting a goal to attain something new, you not only need to change your thoughts as you have been, but you also need to take action. Different results require different actions too. If you want the camper by June 15th, have you identified the one you want? Do you know how it feels to drive it? Do you know exactly how much money you need to buy it? Don’t strain your budget… get clear on how much money you need, and get to work finding a way to earn that money. The way will appear only when you are absolutely 100% committed to making it happen. If you are passionate enough about the dream, if it’s so clear you can feel it, you’ll know there’s a way and you’ll be busy figuring it out. You won’t be able to stop thinking about it. It’s called laser focus… that’s when goals are effectively achieved.

    Sometimes it takes longer than we want for us to get that clear and passionate. It could happen in one day. The time required is connected to the time it takes for you to develop the no-turning-back commitment.

    Don’t give up. It’s when a person gives up that they lose. So long as you are still expecting it, and striving for it, it’s still on its way. Pass the persistence test, no matter what. The goal is in stone, but the plan is in sand. In other words, the plan may change, and the idea seed itself may take longer to mature than expected, but if you are committed no matter what, and never give up, you'll prevail in the RIGHT time.

    Remember the analogy of the woman expecting a baby. Maybe she hopes for the baby to arrive in only 7 months... but we both know it would be better if she allowed it time to fully mature. If it doesn't happen when you want it to, be grateful instead of upset, and keep on keeping on towards the goal.

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