Amazing how things worked out

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    When I first came upon The Jackrabbit Factor, I had the feeling there was really something to learn here. Like Leslie describes her past, I have been a student for many years, on many topics, digesting books, seminars, audio courses, and not quite getting it.

    I wanted to learn more, and was able to take the short e-course that also allowed me to read Hidden Treasures. All the while, I had been looking at the FTMF program, but since I lost my job in January, was not diving into that type of financial commitment just yet. I did keep thinking about it, and tried to use what I had learned from JRF and HT.

    Then a miracle………… the announcement for the beta testers, and a way for me to study the material that I had wanted to, and at a financial way that worked for me at this time. I pictured myself getting in, and I did……. and am loving it. I try and give back for what I am receiving, and take good notes that I send to Trevan for each lesson, that they can use for the program mechanics and such. On a side note, he is just a wonderful person!

    I am finding that from a lot of the past study that I had done, there are concepts that I had heard (like Leslie talks about), but that they were like random pieces. I did not understand the pattern of what I had, and was like a person walking through a furnished room with the lights off, and not knowing where things were. Sometimes I found what I needed, and other times not.

    Now I am feeling like the lights are coming on, and things are making sense. I am still taking baby steps, but it is as if I am coming out of the dark!

    I will be forever grateful for this information. I will forever be grateful to Leslie and Trevan.

    Thank you.

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    I would like to echo the last several comments. I have been reading the Jack Rabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures, and reviewing the website’s comments in the Forum for the past several weeks, wondering how I was going to come up with the money to sign up for the course. I was just laid off for the 2nd time in March and decided to change from engineering to sells which is 100% commission. I live in Myrtle Beach and engineering jobs just can’t be found here. I knew that the solutions that I was looking for would be in this training and the beta version is truely an answer to prayer. So far, this has been insightfull and very enjoyable.

    I do have one question however. Has anyone successfully used EFT tapping to break through the barriers that we have created as a result of our lack of understanding? The Visualizing of things in my mind I just haven’t been able to do. I hope I’m not the only one have troubles with this.

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    My journey has taken 50 years and I am excited about the next 50!

    I have been following Leslie for a few years now and originally wanted to do this course when it first came out but couldn’t afford the fees.

    I believed that somehow one day, I would get the opportunity and then along came this new online course with a low monthly payment option, was this my first example of working with the law?

    Since being led to a new spirit filled church just over 2 years ago, I have become an avid reader. And in addition, I have become a student of the mind and wanting to learn how to change my financial circumstances around initially.

    I firmly believe that as a result of all these things, my true life passion and destiny as preordained by God will be revealed to me. I know, that sounds heavy but it’s what I truly feel in my heart.

    So I guess I am at the half way point in the course and ready to get stuck in to the remaining 12 lessons.

    God is good!!!:p

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    Me too! I had just done the e-course and decided to set a goal for a month later to be able to find a way to do the ftmf course. The last day for me to meet my goal according to the date I set was the day the email came out talking about the beta version! It’s been an amazing month as things have come together! I can’t stop talking about it to all my friends and family.

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    Hi Stickgurl,
    I like you have been on a journey for a while and haven’t quite been able to piece it all together. Funny think is, I too wanted to do the FTMF course but was unable to afford the cost at that time. Then, the breakthru of the beta online course. I can so relate exactly to what you are saying. It truly has been a God send.

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    Welcome to the forums, stickgurl! (At first I saw that as “stuckgirl” and I was thinking that it was time to change your name to “unstuckgirl” — Luckily, before I said that I realized that I read it wrong).

    You are going to love the online course — the FTMF course puts things together in a very powerful way!

    Good luck with your journey!

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