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    We returned home from spending a wonderful day with our daughter Amy, her husband and our three darling grandchildren. We attended the children’s primary presentation, went back to thier home for lunch and than for dinner grandpa fixed one of thier favorite meals….chocolate chip and blueberring whole wheat pancakes.

    We watched videos, read books and just had a special time enjoy each others company and catching up.

    We returned home at about 9:15 pm and took moms caregiver home. Our return home was not pleasant and left me in a destressed mood.

    I went to my computer to check my email. A friend of mine emailed me lesson 16 of the free Jackrabbit Factor E-course. I thought that maybe Terry wanted to share an aha moment with me but there was no note accompaning the email.

    I felt impressed to read it so I did…now remember I returned home from a happy day full of love exchanges with hugs and smiles and laughter of little ones, to saddness and problems caused by mom…I took on her energy even though she was aleady in bed and I could feel myself getting angry because her actions were so negative…..reading the following exerpt from that email brought me up straight get me to take notice of my emotions and toke responsibility for my thoughts immediately……below is what I read…..

    “Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. By law. Because of this universal law, all things are predictable to God, but he doesn’t have to force the consequences of our actions. They are spontaneous and natural.

    The good news about this is to KNOW with certainty that if you do good to others, good WILL return to you, by law. It doesn’t necessarily return to you from the same place you put it out. If you are kind to a disagreeable person, you will receive kindness… but don’t expect it to come from THAT person. You will not lose your reward, but let God return it to you from wherever he wants.

    The more good you put out, the more will return to you. Spread happiness, and you will be happy.

    Don’t make a big deal over what you do… the more you do in secret the better, in fact. If you make a display of your goodness, than your reward is the ooohs and aaaahs you get from the people who saw it. Wouldn’t you rather have a better, more significant reward? Matthew 6:4 says, “That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.” This works with kindness, but it also works with money. Share the monetary blessings he has given you, and he will bring you more… under the one condition that you fear not. Push fear aside each time it tries to take root. Pluck it out! You have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings.

    Make a difference today in the life of someone else. Then smile, knowing that happiness is yours, and blessings are on their way.

    As for your goal, the Law of Cause and Effect promises that if you take a step – take action – toward achieving your goal, you put something into the Universe that causes an immediate reaction toward you in return. The expectant energy you have regarding the accomplishment of that goal, coupled with ACTION sets forces in motion on your behalf. Unseen things begin to work together for your good to a greater degree.

    What can you do TODAY to move closer to your goal?

    DO IT NOW.”

    (lesson 16 e-course Lesilie Householder http://www.thoughts alive)

    I called my friend to thank her for sending that email to me……guess what she did not send it to me her husband did but according to her she has no idea why he would email it to me……I told her I did not care who sent it I am just grateful it was sent to me because it was what I needed to read at that exact moment. That email blessed my life and caused me to choose to be happy and do good for goods sake without seeking a reward in return. But first I had to change my thoughts in order to change my emotions and just take what happened as data.

    Heavenly Father brings to me what I need just when I need it every single time. I know He loves me and He knows what I need and sends it to me in the most surprising ways and at just the right time

    Life is Good

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    A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about how it would be nice to go back to being a teenager when I knew it all because the more I learn the more I learn that there’s a lot I don’t know!

    Then I caught myself and realized that I really wouldn’t want to know it all! I love the journey of learning and learning and learning some more! I think knowledge is one of the greatest of God’s blessings!

    I think it’s amazing that there is so much to learn – and from so many different people – and in so many different ways! I also think it’s amazing that so many different teachers keep showing up in my life!

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    Hi Alisa it is amazing and fun to know for a certainity that the teacher will appear when we as the student are ready to learn. Being ready to learn is key.

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    I love how the teacher always seems to appear when the student is ready! Right when you were ready to learn a powerful lesson, it mysteriously appeared in your inbox! The teacher often shows up in unexpected ways!

    Thanks for sharing this story!

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