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    I learned of an issue today that I've had with not getting my articles written. I'm home with my kids most of the time and now that it's summer, they enjoy going outside and playing all day. Sounds good, right? While I live in a safe neighborhood and they have good friends, I like to keep checking on them to make sure I know where they are. They also keep coming in to get water, snacks and toys and usually want to go to the pool for an hour or two every day. I was frustrated with not getting my articles written since I felt that I had the time, but not the inspiration.

    My in-laws have been in town over the past several days and today was the last time for my husband to see them before they leave. I stayed home and had him take the kids over there this afternoon. I figured since it was quiet, it would be a good time for me to work on my articles. I was able to accomplish quite a bit when I had the freedom to sit down and write without constantly checking on my children. I guess that takes more out of me than I realize and I found it quite interesting.

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    Melanie, I think it's really wonderful that you were able to recognize and honor how much time and energy you give to your family -- which is way more important than these articles, after all!

    Also, it's great that you were able to get to work on your articles as soon as you had a few moments of peace. That's quite a feat -- it can be a real challenge to switch gears, and it sounds like you switched gears gracefully and smoothly. Hurrah!


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    As I work to get to my articles I think of you young moms and the challenges you face. I have a daughter and husband here with five children and it takes all four adults to keep things going. It reminds me of days gone by when I had less time I could call my own. I admire you gals so much and pray you will be able to accomplish your goals.

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