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    I just have to share this story. It is so wonderful. During November my seven-year-old son Landon kept talking about how we were going to get a Christmas tree and decorate it right after Thanksgiving.

    Last year we got a huge, gorgeous, live tree which was something new for us. In previous years we’ve had a small artificial one that served our purposes for the time. But we finally got rid of it because the stand was broken and it couldn’t stand up straight. Last year, our finances allowed us to buy this huge, live tree.

    This year, some people owe us a lot of money so finances are much tighter. (That is one reason why I am so grateful for learning about these laws to help me guard my thoughts from negative thinking about this situation). Anyway, we told Landon we wouldn’t be getting a tree any time soon, because we had to somehow figure out how we were going to get one. But this little boy’s vibration overrode our thinking, our being stuck in the “how.”

    Last Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving, my two big kids were invited to go to an air soft gun battle. My husband had to drive them to it, and while he was in town, he decided to stop in at D.I. He wasn’t planning on buying a Christmas tree, but lo and behold, he came upon a very nice artificial one that was only $10! Of course he bought it and Landon got his wish.

    It was hard for me to give up the old tree because I am a pack rat and want to hold on to things, even if they are just a little broken. I hate to fill up the landfill with things that can’t biodegrade. I was also sentimentally attached to the tree since my mom bought it for us when she stayed with us right after my oldest daughter was born, 13 years ago. But I threw the tree in the garbage anyway several months ago (it took me until summer time to finally decide I could part with it.) I even thought about giving it to D.I., because surely someone could use it, even though the base was broken. But I realized I wouldn’t want to buy a broken tree and I shouldn’t inflict the possibility of someone buying a boxed up tree, and then coming home to put it together, only discovering it was broken. I wouldn’t that to happen to me.

    So, I feel that both the Law of Attraction and the Law of the Vacuum are at work here. Landon attracted the tree and because I had made space for a nice, unbroken, tree, and not put a broken one out there, we got a beautiful, practically new, unbroken tree.:)

    Merry Christmas!:79:

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    Celestia, this story reminds me that belief is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe! Thank you for sharing it. I love your son’s pure intent and the way you created room in your lives for the new tree to arrive.


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