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    My name is Celestia Shumway. I live in Layton, UT. I first read the Hidden Treasures book two years ago this month. I stumbled upon it, but now I realize I attracted it, when I was searching for books with “hidden treasure” in the title to read to my kids, at the public library. Leslie’s book popped up on the computer screen when I did this search. It totally intrigued me, so I got it and devoured it.

    When I read it, I felt such peace and goodness. I felt compelled to take notes. I rarely take notes on books I read for “fun.” (I have taken notes on books I read for my research for the book I am writing.) I finished reading it right after Christmas time and I just felt so good reading it. It made the Christmas feeling last longer.

    When I finished the book, I remember thinking, I don’t know or where, but someday I am going to meet Leslie. I felt such a kinship with her.

    FAst forward 18 months later. My husband heard an ad on the radio for an event sponsored by Garrett Gunderson that would feature Leslie as the speaker. He came home and told me about it and said he wanted to go. He had no idea who Leslie was. I had told him about her and her book but he has a poor memory for names and didn’t know when her heard her name on the radio that she was the one whose book on money impressed me 18 months earlier.

    So we went to the event and LOVED it. I stayed after and stood in line to talk to Leslie. I gave her my thanks for writing such a powerful book. (While I was in line my husband went and bought the FTMF course, for which I am truly grateful. I didn’t even have to ask him to buy it, he just did, for both of us!)

    Leslie’s face seemed so familar to me. I figured out from talking to Leslie that I knew her years ago. We were both in Amway together back in 1992 and 1993 in the Provo area. I remember seeing her at all the meetings. I never knew her name, just her face, but I can say that I was around back before she made it big.

    Anyway, I feel so grateful for Leslie taking the time to teach about the natural laws of success. I feel so grateful that I got to meet her in person and find out about more of her information. The FTMF course has helped me to set up some goals for the coming year to get my book published and to market it. I am very excited for the present, and the future.:4:

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