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    I chose to post this under the Law of Relativity rather than the Intuition section because of the overall theme of my AHA moment. I have always been taught to listen to the Spirit, and to discern good from bad situations, but I feel that it was not until recently that I’ve conciously tried to pay attention to my feelings and impressions.

    Today I was asked by someone to watch a youtube video about some “political” things. She wanted my opinion. I figured that because of the nature of the subject it was going to be one of those “doom and gloom” pieces. I instantly felt “icky” as I watched the first part of it…even if some of the things that were said may have been true. I didn’t finish the whole thing, and knew that the overall purpose of it was to scare people. In an effort to change the subject in my mind, I began typing and the link for http://www.ldsmag popped up. I wasn’t sure what that site was…I just wanted something uplifting and feel good. I clicked on the ldsmag link and a website that my Dad had actually sent me a link for a few weeks ago popped up. It was a bunch of LDS youtube videos OF ALL THINGS!! I clicked on the first link entitled “His Hands”. I hadn’t taken the time when my Dad sent the link to watch any of the videos that were on the page. So to replace the negative ICK that I had just semi watched, I got 6 minutes of a beautiful video of the Savior backed by a beautiful song that so perfectly epitomizes his life and ministry.

    So for my Aha moment… I realized that it really doesn’t matter what is going on around us. This time can be an equally GOOD experience for me and my family. I also realized that the feelings I received through watching the first video and also seeing the comments to it that came from a certain “type” of people (that I will choose to keep away from me and my family), and watching the second video were as different as night and day. I realized that I am so blessed to have the Savior to follow, and that if I follow Him and those who are His servants here on the Earth, I have nothing to fear. Instead, I have an opportunity to teach my family that when times are a little scary, they have someone to turn to who will always help and understand. I’m so grateful for typing in that link…which sent me to another link, that reminded me of these truths.

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    Thanks to both of you for posting! Camber, I’m like you. Some of my greatest friends are here. When we attended Mentor Training, it was so fun to actually MEET all those on the forums. We do feel like a family here. I love it, too. I get so much insight and positiveness from being here!

    Jack, Congrats on the ability to overcome. The whole reason I ended up here myself was because of a struggle in our family. I knew that the only way I could ever make it was to think differently. I realized that I could only teach my kids so much– and protect and guard them– for so long. At one point, they would make their own decisions and I could not control what they thought about. But I knew that was where the difference was. I realized that the only ways to overcome struggles, addictions, bad habits was to think differently, I just didn’t know how, let alone how to teach it to my family. Then I ended up here and I can say that this has been one of the most life changing things to have happened in my life. To know that I am in control of my choices and thoughts is very liberating. I applaud you for breaking free. Keep up the good work! We are all here to support you.

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    Jack, I am so grateful for this site…and the people on it. Each time I am on here I am saying to myself…and actually saying out loud to my husband, “I love these people. I consider them my dearest friends.” I have only met one of you…and yet I feel that I know you and value your opinions more than the opinions of people I’ve known my whole life. I too appreciate the positive posts. It’s funny how although we have new people joining the forum all of the time, it almost seems a prerequisit that you must know how to lift others up. Thank you all for your stength and wisdom. I can honestly say …. this time is a special and amazing time to live. (I know we don’t hear that too often lately). But I am TRULY grateful for the time in which we live and I can honestly say that I am EXCITED (yup…I said it) EXCITED for everything that is going on around us. Not because I enjoy seeing the deep struggles that some are having around me…but because I am grateful that I can reach out and help. We have a very special gift, this gift of optimism that we must share. We have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for being here Jack. I hope we can hear much more from you.

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    It is 4am I could not sleep. Stressed yes. Fear driven thoughts yes. Not being grateful yeah. Not remembering of how many precious gifts we have yees.
    Trevan told me of the forums and I told him I could not participate in the forums for fear of the internet and where it has taken me in the past. I also told him that it was me telling me I was not ready for it yet. I needed more time.
    Well I’m up early… on the internet looking and reading the most amazing and calming posts on a forum. Wow!!! This is a monumental moment for me. I have tears in my eyes.
    I do have my savior at my side today and at this very moment I feel as if I reach out and touch him. In fact I can. It is all about this gift we are born with called the light of Christ. For so many years that light did not have any brightness. Today I have to wear shades it is so bright. I have chosen to turn on this precious gift I was born with.
    Thank you for your great positive posts.
    I’m extremely greatfull at this moment. The Law of Relativity is what I needed to read about at this moment. There are no mistakes… this is all about what one chooses to indulge his or her thoughts in. My fears are not in the forefront any more. I’m worthy to be able to go on the intenet. I can now go back to sleep.
    Sweet dreams to all of you who are still sleeping.
    Thank you my sweet daughter KatieV16 who showed me how to get on this forum.

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    Camber, the laws definitely overlap at times! Bob Proctor teaches that the seven laws are really subsets of the one law, which can be stated as “God Is” or “Energy Is.” Since these laws really support the one true law, it makes sense that they intermingle. 🙂

    I love your story above. Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s a great reminder that we are in charge of what we put into our subconscious minds — we can choose the kinds of videos and other input that hinders our progress, or we can choose input that helps us along.

    And you’re right — there is good in everything, right now, in this moment, and in every moment. Big congrats to you for finding it!


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    I probably should’ve put this under the LAw of polarity section. I just intermingle the two some times…to me they are similar to each other. So….law of polarity…law of relativity…maybe a little of both!

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