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    It’s been a bit since I’ve been here. I recently realized that my vibration has been out of wack and needed to come back for some friendly advice.

    My company has announced that there will be lay-offs at the end of the month. I don’t know where I fall with that, but there may be a chance that I will be part of it. My problem has been that I am in the wrong vibration. I have to change it and wanted to share a recent insight.

    In the Bible, it talks about Joseph being sold into Egypt. After his boss’ wife tried to seduce him, he was sent to prision. After working up the rank, and being trusted with everyone that came in, he had the opportunity to interpret 2 dreams. One of the dreamers was going to be restored to their position and Joseph asked, “Will you remember me when your rich and famous?” (Paraphrasing)

    After 2 years, Joseph finally had a wonderful opportunity for job advancement. He was second only to the Pharaoh. He was in a position to support his family and accumulate increadible fortune for Egypt. Never once is it written that he complained. He may not have been able to see the whole picture, but he was “in tune” with what God wanted him to know. His vibration was such that he attracted amazing opportunities.

    So, maybe I will get laid off. But, if I am doing what I can and willing to be in the right vibration, I can attract better opportunities. There was some other things, but I just wanted to share this. It’s nice to be back…

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    Hi Matthew

    A great lesson you learned from Joseph.

    As you trust God to have the best plans for you and focus on that thought, no matter what the circumstances look like, He will provide.

    My thought is just to keep seeing yourself employed and loving your job and it’s benefits..God will take care of how and where.

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