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    I keep studying the Law of Vibration/Attraction over and over again. I am getting better at recognizing what I am doing and receiving the benefits. Here is a definition of Deliberate Creation: by Abraham Hicks that I think hits the nail on the head. Focusing on what is intended while being consciously aware of one’s vibrational state of being and connection to ones’ Source.

    I see three very important parts and when any one is missing there is a kink in the hose.

    1. Focus on the goal. Write it. Use Affirmations and Visualizations. Etc.
    2. Be consciously aware of your vibrational state. How do you feel? I think this is huge. How often do I repeat my goal or say my affirmations without really feeling like they are real? This is the part where I am spending more time practicing.
    3. Feeling the connection to God. I believe this is receiving or surrender. When I get the feelings down it is easy to feel my connection to God because I become grateful for the way I feel. I feel joy for the very feeling which brings the thing I want into reality and then I am grateful all over again. It is such a beautiful circle.


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    Wow, this has really been helpful!

    I have had a few days where, to put it simply, my vibration just really wasn’t very high and I couldn’t seem to get it up. Tired, mostly, and not doing some of my regular routine.

    Steve’s points in particular were really helpful to me.


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    Thank you for your sweet words. I like the idea of promising yourself, I’m anxious to watch those video clips.

    I forgot to add the most important aspect of the law of vibration, as Dinese Webster reminded me, it’s gratitude. To bring what you want into your life you must first be grateful for what you already have.


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    Tammy, thank you for the reminder. Congratulations for getting your Mind Movie done. I need some encouragement and probably technical help to get mine done. We need to talk.

    I love Steve Seibold’s information. I will take your challenge and work on those items as well. I am also listening to Bill Bartman’s information and making promises to myself instead of goals. He talks about how we all have negative paradigms about goals but we all are committed to keeping promises. I like that idea and believe it is true.

    Again and again I have set the goal to have my website up and one day I promised myself I would get it done. I stayed up until after 4:00 but finally accepted the fact that I needed some help that wasn’t available until morning. I have doggedly kept at it, visualizing what I want and I am within minutes of finishing. I promise it will be up and fully functioning tomorrow after I call support at aweber and godaddy. They are my best friends. Thank you for motivating me, Tammy.

    You’re awesome, Tammy. Blessings to you and your family on this project.


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    I love what Renae said and I’ll add to that. I’ve been setting goals and working on my mind movie (to find out what that is visit and become aware that eventhough I know how success can happen on an intellectual basis, I’m missing something. That something is my vibration. To attract what I want in my life (these goals I’m setting) I need to raise my vibration. The question is how?

    I logged onto tonight and discovered three FANTASTIC! clips by Steve Siebold where he shares how to raise our vibration. I’ll post them here in hopes that they can benefit others as well.

    High vibrating people have these five charactericts:
    1. They have a high level of energy
    2. They are enthuastic
    3. They have confidence in what they say and do
    4. They believe in what they are saying/doing
    5. They have clarity in thinking and communication, they take complex issues and have the ability to make them simple.

    How can I raise my vibration so I have these traits? Steve suggests the following:

    1. Energy – get enough sleep, no skimping on the 6-8 hour a night rule
    2. Enthuasium – play your favorite music
    3. Confidence – public speaking, he says is the quickest way to gain this
    (if you have no ideas on how to do this join the local toastmasters group)
    4. Belief – associate with people who are “world class” as he says it, who are vibrating high. If you can’t associate with them, read their books, listen to their audio (Leslie’s cd’s are great for this, as is the ILG audio and video section, and the Secrete CD’s)
    5. Clarity – read your ultimate life vision statement everyday. In my case, I’ll be watching my mind movie every day.

    My husband and I have a goal to finish our mind movies by 12/31/08 and start our 30 day challenge to increase our vibration by following the above advise of Steve Siebold. I’d invite you to join us.

    Many blessings and a successful new year!

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