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    I saw one of the most expensive and fastest Mercedes coups currently being made coming through my neighborhood today. I know who it was as the owner is a successful network marketing guy who has created and sold various businesses. Why he chose to live in my neighborhood – I don’t know. But he has a reputation for being ridiculously rich and yet very in to helping people become successful. So thought I’d put him to the test about his license plate. His license plate reads – BELEIVE

    I asked him what his license meant and then noticed he was on his cell. But patiently and with a smile he put his friend on hold and said - ‘Sure! Did you notice how it’s spelled?’ I answered – No, I didn’t actually. He said the spelling is different and represents that he chooses to believe differently that everyone else – so he spelled it different. He stated that for him, it’s not about wishing or hoping – its about knowing. It’s about believing differently in that he ‘knows’ exactly what he wants and that is exactly what he gets. He doesn’t hope, he just knows. That was it.

    I had been listening to the Law of Vibration repeatedly this week because it helps me keep my mind focused on gratefully accepting that I have what I am working on. But this ‘BELEIVE’ reinforced everything again.

    Know – expect – believe – and it is. Just as Leslie and Trevan have been teaching us.

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