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    My husband overlooked a tax supposed to be paid for an income of about 20K. Having learned the law of polarity, I thought there must be something good in this. Indeed it turned out to be a blessing in disguise even if we had to hire an accountant to sort it out and pay him about 1K. Instead of having to pay for probably between 5K-7K in taxes, the taxman gave us back about 10T. It’s amazing how things have worked out! Now, each time something so bad happens, I always expect a great blessing.

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    Thank you much for sharing that story. As one who struggles MAJORLY with the whole tax issue, I’m encouraged to hear that optimistic expectations worked out and bore fruit. I’ll remember that next time I’m inclined to get discouraged about taxes.

    Tammy Graham

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    Cessy, Thank you for the great example of the law of polarity in action. As you know, “To think truth in spite of appearances” is the hardest work in the world. You did exactly that, when you refused to believe that the circumstance was ‘bad’.
    To everyone else: From the stickman, remember that this was just data coming in- not good or bad until Cessy assigned meaning to it. She rejected thoughts of lack, loss, and negativity, and chose to assign good meaning to this apparently negative data. I would venture to suppose that she didn’t apply any feelings of anxiety over the situation, but instead, got excited about the good that was invariably on its way – not in spite of, but because of her chosen reaction.

    Good work, Cessy!

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