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    For me, breaking through the terror barrier is one of the most amazing concepts. When I think of where my life was when I first learned of it to where I am now, I am thrilled!! I have broken through many barriers and I am way ahead of where I was a couple of years ago. I still have many more barriers to break through, but it's more exciting to me because I know how it feels on the other side and that gives me the courage to go on.

    I remember many years ago when I first started wearing contacts how afraid I was to touch my eyes. I wore thick glasses and I stood in front of my bathroom mirror for at least an hour the first time saying, "I don't want to touch my eye." Then I'd look at my thick glasses and say, "But I don't want to wear those anymore, either." And, eventually, the idea of contacts won. Looking back, I can see where I broke through that terror barrier and how much better I felt when I didn't have to wear thick glasses anymore. And now, touching my eye is no big deal.

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    Thanks for not giving up on the forum. I look forward to learning from others.

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    Your explanation helps a lot. One thing I've been focusing on lately is to trust myself more. I will add in trusting my first initial impressions. I have found that as I've been listening more to myself (personal revelation I've received through prayer and meditation), I'm happier and more peaceful since I feel that I'm living my life as I'm supposed to, and not the way others may want me to.

    I like, too, the reminder to pray to God with a plan rather than a vague question for him to answer. My sister told me recently that she also prays for the courage to take the next step.

    Thank you for answering my question. I now understand better how to explain this to others as well.

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    Hi Melanie,

    In a nutshell, the way I determine the difference is to pay attention to how I feel about it at the different stages in the process. Remember, the idea must pass from the conscious to the subconscious, and then it must be physically acted upon. Summary: Conscious, subconscious, physical.

    If the idea feels right during the second stage - subconscious/spiritual realm, and lifts your soul, leaving you elevated and feeling closer to God, then you can know it's good. You can ask God if it is good, and pay attention to the first feelings you receive the minute you pray something like, "This is the conclusion I've come to, is this right?"

    Pay attention to the first initial emotion you get... the one that shows up faster than you can generate on your own. It's typically the feelings that come after that, that leave us confused. We second guess so many times that we forget what we felt first.

    You're watching for one of two feelings: peace/assurance, or scatterbrained confusion... to the point where you might even forget your question and can't seem to formulate it coherently.

    So, suppose you get the assurance, and then you go to take action on it, but it feels wrong, and you get nervous. You have to think back to the time when you felt the confirming assurance, and relax.

    In this case, after gaining that assurance, feeling uncomfortable in the physical phase is simply an indication that there are two contradictory beliefs in the subconscious... such as the old one: "I am always broke" and the new one: "I prosper".

    The uneasiness that rises when you go to take action is simply a physiological response to the contradiction between two subconsciously accepted truths. So in reality, the anxiety is a good sign that you have been successful at reaching the subconscious with the new desired (and God-approved) truth. At that point, the only way to break through to the new, more prosperous reality is to take action on the dream in spite of the fear.

    Review the visual demonstration of how this works and why in the Stickman Video.

    Read my blog post on this topic for a more extensive explanation on how to tell the difference.

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    Thank you for providing this forum. I love having somewhere to go to be with like-minded people 24/7.

    I'm finding that I'm getting better at identifying which part of the Stickman I'm currently going through. Since you're so eloquent at explaining things, I have a question for you. When you get to the point of change (the terror barrier) and you start feeling anxious and scared, sometimes that negative feeling can make you think that it's something you shouldn't do. How do you determine if you should continue on or let something drop?

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    Wow! Now I understand the feeling I had!

    I have the Family Time and Money Freedom course and read about getting on the forum. (I'm usually a reader more than a poster as well.) I didn't see it on the menu bar so I just typed it in the address bar. It was there, so I signed up. Then I noticed that there wasn't any activity and realized that it wasn't running yet. OOPS!

    So, I checked back a few times to see if it was up yet and saw a note from Leslie that the forums were only for those invited. I felt an emotion attached to that note. I couldn't understand it and thought that I must have done something I shouldn't have in my impatience. Maybe what I felt was your hesitancy and your past experience? Interesting, huh?

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    It's funny you should mention this. This is our website, and part of the reason it took so long to get the forums back up is because I have hated forums. Every time my husband would talk about the forum I'd say, "That's got to be your baby... I don't use forums, I don't understand them, I don't know how to navigate them, I hate forums..." besides that, last time we had one it got hacked by spammers and took a long time to clean up the mess.

    Spammers are recently responsible for causing my google rank to plummet from 4 to nothing with offensive content they put on our server. The content has been removed and the security hole patched, but it could take months for my rank to be restored. The rank affects how easily people find our site, and how trustworthy we appear to be. SO, with a subconscious association between forums and hackers, you can probably understand why I involved myself with hesitancy.

    HOWEVER, after the first day of starting a few threads, and seeing your responses, and realizing that I can get myself back to anywhere I want to be by using the links at the top that look like this:

    Forums > Thoughts Alive General Forum > Stickman Discussion > Breaking through terror barrier

    I started telling my husband, "I LOVE this! This is our community! These are our readers, and I finally have a way to really get to know them and see what they are experiencing!"

    We've been so impressed with the comments and questions that have come in and thrilled that they are documented now for other readers to glean benefit as well. We're notified of each new post and love to read them.

    Thanks for being a part of it!

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    Actually, posting on here is breaking through a terror barrier for me. I love to go to forums and "lurk" rather than join in on the discussions. This is only the second forum I've ever signed up for and this is the most posting I've done. I don't generally feel like I have much to contribute. I am so grateful for the new ideas that have helped me move forward over the past couple of years. I know I have lots more to learn and I'm excited for it! If anyone reading this is afraid of posting for whatever reason, just start--it feels great!!

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    Excellent example!

    It's powerful thing when you see yourself going through the same experience to overcome a fear, no matter what the fear may be. Overcoming fear is a process that works the same no matter who you are or what you're trying to do. Over time, hopefully we gain courage to overcome bigger and bigger challenges throughout our lives.

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