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    email message received 11/30/07:

    We are so grateful for your having written Jackrabbit.

    Earlier this year when we were given a copy of the book to read on Jan 6, little did we know the changes that would happen in our thoughts and then in our lives since then.

    That is why we have purchased and given away over 80 copies of the book.

    [My husband] had been unemployed for a year. Within a month of reading Jackrabbit, he was offered a position, increasing our income by 80,000 a year. I have started two new businesses and am organizing a non-profit.

    One business is going like gangbusters. We have turned our extra kitchen into a commercial kitchen and are employing 15 people.

    The non-profit, Irish Genealogical and Historical Society, is organized to get people to travel to Ireland to help with the local LDS branches Irish extraction program, while giving the visiting people a supported opportunity to travel to Ireland, and meet local folks as well as help with a wonderful project. They stay in my home over there, while renting a car, their whole trip will be tax deductible. Cool idea, huh? I am in the process of applying for 501c3 status.

    I just wanted you to know a little bit about what we are doing up here. I can’t begin to explain to you all the things that are tied to these things, but I don’t need to explain, you understand the Jackrabbits…..

    We love you, really….

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