Careful what you focus on!

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    For all those who know that the law of attraction works regardless of whether we focus on what we do or don't want: I thought this might amuse as well as being yet more evidence.

    Sometimes a write myself stories about what is going to happen in my day. Having recently got into the habit of entering competitions in a particular magazine, and, wanting to win a car for my husbands Christmas present, that is exactly what happened in my story. I told how the postman brought a letter with the magazine Logo on it and how I didn't want to win £100 - I wanted a car.

    Can you guess what happened? Actually it wasn't a competition win that brought me £100, but it was money that I did not earn or expect. I guess the detail of £100 rather than just the words "a car" was what did the trick. So I'm off now to write a thorough description of the car and the action of giving it to my husband on Christmas day.

    The universe can give us everything, we just need to know how to ask for it.

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    I like your idea of writing stories about how your day will go!

    Thanks for sharing!:)

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    I am nonetheless very grateful for the £100.

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