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    Jennifer and I went looking for a new place to live. We've felt for awhile that a change is coming. We are very grateful for the place that we have, but have also been able to find a job in a neighboring city. By finding somewhere closer to work, it would allow me to be home more often. Also, it would give us a "new start" with many opportunities.

    As we were looking today, there were a few places that were okay. We went out to the last one and we could "feel" that it was perfect. Everything about it seemed to scream "YES. THIS IS THE PLACE!" We talked to the landlord and realized that we may not be in a position for this particular apartment. That isn't to say that its not going to happen, but we'd need a few things to help us along the way.

    As we continued talking, we found out that another one would be available in a few months. The thought came to me that we could get things in order now and then take the next one available. We'll have to see what the landlord thinks. It was fun for me to "feel" in tune. It was a good reminder on how cool all this stuff is and how much I need to be practicing it more often.

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    That's really great! Keep up the good vibrations! 🙂

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    Just an update: The landlord called us back today and said that we had been approved to move in. The rent is less than what we would be paying for the one available in a few months. AWESOME! Now, we've just got to start packing and figure out what else needs to be done within a few weeks......

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