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    My personal experience may not be anything earth shattering and I’m sure you receive plenty of testimonials but thought my personal insights created by your book might be interesting for you.

    As an individual, a member of the church, and even as a Bishop, I’ve struggled with the concept of faith for years and how it can actually be applied as a moving principle rather than just a gospel recitation. I’ve never bought the concept that faith is accepting divine will without our desires—and even our righteous wants—being considered in the mix.

    As I’ve read and studied business concepts and books over the years, I have always felt a link between the principle of the Law of Attraction and the spiritual law of faith but could never reconcile the two. Always in my mind is the fact that never has there been a temporal law given, but all is spiritual. So trying to bring the secular concept of the Law of Attraction in line with the greater and controlling law of Faith, has not been an easy thing.

    Generally, the Law of Attraction is presented in the secular light of wealth accumulation brought to pass by the universal genie making the pieces of success fall into place for us. As a person of deep faith, I give credit for all good in my life (my family, my circumstance, my finances), to my Heavenly Father, based on eternal laws including the fact that each blessing is predicated on a law. The discovery of which law to keep in order to receive our desires seems to be one of the great quests of this life. If only those that teach the law of attraction understood this principle, how much more powerful would their influence be?

    Your book was the link that was missing. It helped me to see that the law of attraction and faith can be viewed as one, and with the knowledge that we have through the light of the Gospel, everything really is based on the observance of spiritual law. I can only assume that the Law of Attraction concept is a way to offer palatable truth to those less prepared for the full principle and understanding of Faith.

    Far too many people in the church, including myself, struggle with the concept of money or prosperity being counterproductive to spiritual growth when in reality it is just a part of it. Heavenly Father lives in greater abundance than we have the capacity to understand. In fact, one only need go to one of his earthly temples to see that no expense was spared in creating his home. Is this bad? Absolutely not! In fact, if we pay close attention we see that he uses abundance to carry forward his work.

    So in summary, your book helped me discover the missing puzzle piece that brought two pieces of the picture together. I am convinced that our Heavenly Father wants us to live in abundance as soon as we have progressed to the point that we know how to handle it and use it for the right purposes, including our joy in this life. This is not to say that people that want wealth and power for the wrong reasons won’t be able to use the counterfeit principle to get it, but abundance and happiness come together when we learn and implement the gospel principles intended to help us reach our potential. And an abundant life follows.

    Thanks for listening. I thought you might find my thoughts helpful.

    Kind regards.

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    Jessica, Thank you for the reminder that we should ask Heavenly Father for what we want as plainly as we would ask our neighbor to borrow his horse to go to the market. And to pray with virtue and CONFIDENCE, Believing that we will receive.

    It's amazing how much I need to reiterate and be reminded of these principles. Repetition, repetition, repetition...

    Angie, the more I learn the more I am amazed at the generosity of God! I, too, wish more people could see the same generosity I see! I am learning to be better at asking for better things and preparing myself to be a great receiver! What drives me to be a coach/mentor is the idea that I can help people realize how much God really does want them to have - and that they DESERVE it!!!

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    I find that the more I look, the more I find that God loves me and wants me to have anything I want. It is we who often lack the faith to receive. I am getting better at it and plan to continue. I love the way He rewards obedience to His laws. We can count on them


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    I got interrupted and hit send prematurely. When I said "bad people" and "own people," what I meant was the interpretation, that it's bad or wrong to have money. As someone said (if you know who, please tell me), if having money is bad, only bad people will have money...

    I meant that many people who really love and worship God think he won't give the church (as a group) blessings on earth, but will lavish wealth on people who don't even recognize Him.

    I hope that wasn't unclear.

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    I just happened across this.

    I am not always a particularly reverent person--I mean, I don't always say things in a way that people in my church would find very palatable.

    When I first started studying LOA, I immediately saw that it was, at heart, a spiritual matter. But I also see so many people in the church I grew up in, who refuse to believe God wants us to have our needs met, and more than our needs, so that we can use our resources for good, in so many ways.

    I was talking to my best friend (who shares both my faith and my impatience with some aspects of "religion"), and I said, "I am absolutely amazed, I mean, just flabbergasted and gobsmacked, by the attitude some people have. These are people who believe in the crucifixion, believe Jesus rose from the dead. They believe Christ died for their sins. They believe in this thing that so many people find absolutely ridiculous. They take that as an article of faith. But when you say, "Jesus said to ask and you shall receive, Jesus said that God would take care of us," when you bring up "Solomon in royal splendor," they say, "Well, Jesus didn't mean all that stuff literally. He meant we'd be taken care of in heaven."

    My jaw literally hits the floor sometimes. They believe the really huge, unbelievable, miraculous thing. I'm not putting that down. What I'm saying is, they can believe something so incredible that a lot of people can't even get their minds around it, but they cannot believe that they are important enough for God to want to provide them with more than enough.

    I do know it's not that simple. But when I look at my family, and how the attitude has always been that there just wasn't enough, wouldn't be enough, and *shouldn't* be enough, it just makes me so sad.

    How on earth did so many people get the idea that God would give the good stuff to the bad people and withhold it from his own people? I think Joyce Meyer said something one time about, "Who wants to be a Christian if it means you're going to be poor, ugly and sick all the time?"

    I guess my question has always been, why would you believe God wants you to be poor, ugly and sick all the time? How does that glorify God?

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    I know that I'm about 6 months late on this one but it is something that I completely agree with.

    I grew up with a scarcity mindset. I felt like if I asked Heavenly Father for something that he'd have to take it from someone else to give it to me, and I didn't want to take anything from anybody so I never prayed or asked for anything unless it was very important to me. However I did get every prayer I said answered.

    I have, for the last 11 years, been going to church and learning principles. The Lord has been very patient and generous with me. He seems to keep sending lessons until I get the point. I finally learned to pray always. Not just when I needed something. I finally figured out that I had to ask to receive. After much study and the Jackrabbit factor I learned that it's ok to ask for that which I want. And it's ok to seek things that are lovely and praiseworthy. That came from the mouth of a prophet. Article of Faith #13.

    I'm a RS teacher now and absolutely love it more than any other calling I have ever had. I was blessed to teach lesson 10 this month. When I teach I'm sure that I'm learning more than I'm teaching. But this lesson really spoke to me. If you have any concerns that our Heavenly Father doesn't want us to have all that he has then I highly recommend that you read this chapter. Joseph said here that we should ask Heavenly Father for what we want as plainly as we would ask our neighbor to borrow his horse to go to the market. He also said to pray with virtue and CONFIDENCE, Believing that you will receive.

    The Law of Attraction is scattered through the scriptures. I'm surprised at how many people say they believe that God loves them yet they believe that He wants them to suffer their entire lives in poverty because it's righteous to be poor. I believe He is more like a loving Daddy that wants us to be happy and prosperous so that we might be able to help others be happy as well. You can't help others if you can't help yourself.

    I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father that loves me and spends so much time teaching me principles and proving time and time again that he wants me to be happy. He loves all of us as individuals. Not just as a group of his children but as his child. We have individual worth and he blesses us according to our faith and desires.

    For those that might have missed the Chapter 10 lesson you can read it here.,4945,8009-1-4355-40,00.html
    It really makes a lot more since when you understand the Law of Attraction.

    All is well.

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    Just a thought which may help if anyone is struggling to align their LOA and religious beliefs.

    When I first started reading about LOA, I felt it was greedy and presumptuous to ask for things I wanted. I then watched Joel Osteen on TV and he was talking about how God wants us to have ALL His favour, not just some of it. He then quoted Psalms "Ask of me and I shall give thee the nations" and I think of this whenever "I'm not worthy" thoughts creep in!

    His TV sermon which aired where I live last Sunday was also on these same lines. He described a big warehouse in Heaven with corridors and many doors with a single name on them. Inside were shelves stacked with boxes and parcels. These are the favours and blessings God had stored up for us to enjoy whilst we were on earth, but because the person whose name is on that particular door didn't ask for them, they are still sitting there. They can't be given to anyone else, even if as a Christian you believe someone deserves them more than you do, as everyone has their own door. They just need to ask.

    I appreciate that this is not the deepest of philosophies but because of it's simplicity I can easily visualise the warehouse, the door with my name on it and the shelves stacked with goodies that my Father has lovingly placed there knowing they would be perfect for this special child of His.

    I hope someone else gets something out of this as it really cleared things up for me. With regards to the simplicity of this message, the God I am proud to call my Father never wanted us to be mentally tortured or grovellingly humble about what WE thought He wants for us - He just loves His children and wants to give them everything He can. Just like any good parent.

    Just ask. Simple as that.

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    Thank you for posting this, Leslie! I have experienced the same thing in my life so it's good to know I'm not the only one.

    Many years ago I heard the quote by Napolean Hill, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” I knew that was true! I knew that we have much more say in our lives. The general comment of, "I guess it wasn't meant to be" or that "it was meant to be" takes the agency, as well as the joy, out of life. It said to me that we were just here as puppets to act out the script of someone else's play. It didn't feel right to me. I knew that we weren't puppets but I wasn't finding the answers I was looking for.

    Then I read Wallace Wattles book "The Science of Getting Rich" in February of this year. I cannot believe the leaps and bounds I've experienced in my understanding of scripture. I've grown to love the Apostle Paul because I now understand what he is trying to teach and explain. Alma 32 and D&C 88 have become my some of my favorites.

    I think my trouble with understanding the scriptures has been because I have had an incorrect understanding of many of the main words used -- faith, repent, light, etc. One epiphany I had the other day was the phrase "endure to the end". I always thought that it meant to survive to the end of my life and hope I make it to the Kingdom of God. Now I understand it (thanks to the Law of Gender) to mean that everything has an incubation time and we are to endure (or be patient, knowing that it is just a matter of time) until what was only a thought becomes physical. Endure to the end could be minutes, hours, days, up to a lifetime depending on what the particular goal is. Amazing!

    My journey this year has led me from Wattles' book to other books and articles by many wonderful people. When I learned about Leslie's "Hidden Treasures" book, I knew it was the next step in my "education". Thank you so much, Leslie, for writing this book. Reading it took me to the next level of understanding that I've been wanting to move to for a while.

    Again, thanks for posting this message. It was very helpful!

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