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    At a time when we were sinking financially, we had an opportunity to purchase another house and set up a rental. We had never been landlords before... and it was VERY scary putting ourselves in more debt to another mortgage, when things were already tight! But learning the stickman concept for the first time, and understanding the terror barrier and how to handle it, gave us the courage to take the leap. By the time the first payment was due, we had been led to a job opportunity that tripled our income, PLUS we had renters covering the mortgage on the rental.

    Seeing that freedom truly IS on the other side of a terror barrier, that experience gave us courage to do it again and again with different opportunities. In just a few years, we were able to sell a few of our homes and come away with about $250,000 tax-free cash. If we hadn't learned the stickman concept, we'd probably still be in that first home, drowning in debt and discouraged with no hope for change.

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    I'm a natural at buying and selling realestate.There's always a bargain to be picked up and also loads of houses that just need tender loving care .
    Your Stickman seminar was great, thanks.

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    Thank you for taking the time to say so! I look forward to hearing of your successes.


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