Creating a mental vacuum

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    This was emailed to Leslie:

    Leslie, I hope you have time to answer this. I just finished listening to the Hidden Treasures CDs and I want to apply the Vacuum Law, and I am wondering how to apply it to Debt? My main goal right now is to alleviate some business Debt that I accrued over the last 6 months. I have been searching my brain for a way to figure out how create a vacuum in order to relieve the debt.

    Any insight or ideas? Any help would be greatly Appreciated!!!

    Leslie says:

    The vacuum you need to create is one in your mind… All the time you spend thinking about how to get rid of the debt needs to be filled instead with thoughts of what you DO want. If you empty your mind of debt concerns, then there will be room in your mind for ideas on how to create your dream life.

    Focus on two things: the things you’re grateful about in your life as it is, and then think about how you expect life to look, once the debt is gone. Keeping your thoughts on the final outcome will prepare your mind for the solutions that will get you there. Forcing your mind to find solutions to the debt problem will restrict the flow of those answers reaching you. The solutions will only come in when you’ve created the vacuum in your mind of releasing your concerns about the debt. Counter-intuitive, I know. But it works.

    Hope that helps!


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    I think once we learn this lesson everything will shift in a big way for us all. This is the crux of God’s desire for us, his gift to us, to have joy. When I live in joy it doesn’t matter that everything else isn’t perfect. As I create those images in my mind of the peace and joy I want in every relationship and in my bank account, my business business, in my life things are changing for me and I love it. I know all of the laws support this one goal, to have joy. Why not just have joy and let the laws take care of themselves?


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