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    Thank you for your passion and drive to make the home study course available. I am experiencing success that thrills me.

    For example, I really needed this certain tablet that contained important information such as phone #'s, names, etc. My daughter had been coloring in it previous days and I had told her "no way, this is my tablet. You can have one for yourself, but not mine." After I searched the house and began to get frustrated (which usually erupts into frustrated, loud, sighs of "Where in the world is MY tablet!!!!")

    I stopped, threw out the old reaction and sat down to visualize the tablet. I was grateful I had it in my hands and grateful that I hadn't taken out my frustrations on my children. Then, within 30 seconds, I walked to the tablet in my family room, on the floor. There were 2 lessons learned (or more i'm sure). #1, I don't have to make any kind of a scene to accomplish my tasks. All I have to do is visualize the desired result, think about it, and know that it is going to happen. #2, the information that I needed was not even in that tablet as I had thought it was. It had been thrown away, by me, a week or so ago. I would have taken out my frustrations without any real merit. Just having found the tablet so quickly and not needing to appologize for the scene I normally would have made was so wonderful.

    Thank you again,


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    I can't tell you how many times a week this happens to me now. When I visualize what I'm looking for - there it is... everytime.

    Reticular activating system... very cool radar we have.

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