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    We have enjoyed your books and several other recommended by you, especially Bob Proctor's "You were born rich." The confusing thing we are experiencing right now is this: The principles you teach came into our lives at just the right time. We had been preparing for them for about 18 months. The stage was set and we quickly began to apply the principles. Almost immediately, our income skyrocketed as something my husband had been playing around with for 4 months previous, suddenly began to be successful. We were thrilled. I can only assume that applying these principles played a role in that success. The success lasted about 2 months and then everything crashed.

    We are now much worse off than before we learned the principles. We are religious people, actually the same religion as you. We are wondering what all of this means. Have we made a mistake? Have we done this to ourselves with stray thoughts? Has God done this to us for a good reason and we just need to submit? I have found myself unable to divert much energy into imagining the future after this huge dissapointment. I am focusing all of my thoughts and energy into gratitude for the present. I still have much to be grateful for. But I am still confused about the ups and then suddenly the downs. Any thoughts?

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    I am very curious to hear Leslie's comments on this. But believing in who you are, not what the money makes you, is very important.

    Something about business. Business is cyclical as well and one must be in vibration with the business aspects as much as anything. You have to find belief in who you are. So what if you have some debt problems now. Do what you need to do to get things moving again. You have so much worth and value and this bad time just means that there's greater good around the corner.

    I have been associated with so many business people that tried, didn't quite make it, had a really - really - difficult time (because of the situation you're in) and kept pounding through the self growth and Bang! They broke through. Several of those friends and associates of mine - make over a million a year. They were all normal, every day people - nothing special. Just the tenacity to keep breaking through.

    Stay on track! Don't give in to Fear - it's a mind killer. If fear sets in - stop - and imagine exactly what it is you want until you feel the joy of it. Feel it deep - picture every aspect of it - live it like it was there and keep doing it all day, in the night when you wake up sweating - change it over!

    If you change your thought patterns over - regardless - you'll get in vibration with those that will create ways for you to get what you truly desire.

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    I am so thankful to have found this forum. I need some like-minded people to share their stories of staying strong through failures. Recently my husband and I started a new business and things were going great, we just knew in our hearts everything in our lives were about to change for the better. Well, things didn't turn out as planned and now we are so far in debt, the future is looking less than wonderful. In my heart I believe that we will be successful and that everything will be okay, but how do I feel better in the now, knowing that I can't even pay my phone bill this month? I am struggling with the "feeling positive" thing when I have all the pressure of handling the money situation. It is kind of a weird feeling for me, it's like I know it will work out, but I have to stay happy and pretend like it isn't scaring the heck out of me so that my husband won't crash also. Does this make any sense to anyone?

    I should re-read the Jackrabbit factor and I could probably figure it out for myself. I also like to listen to "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen, it is a great motivator for me to stay strong and know it will work if I don't give up.

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    Remember that failure is really just a mindset - not a state of being. We have to be careful not to seek get rich quick schemes or get fixed quick schemes. Everything that we are learning from all these people, Leslie included, is a process in personal growth - a process of human becoming.

    Two months is not enough time for you to understand and implement each of the laws on a consistent basis for most people. Behaviors, beliefs, habits, that need to be changed in order to abide and enjoy the blessings of these laws, often requires much time and effort - consistent effort. Over time and by consistently working through each of these laws lies your step by step progress.

    Crashing only means that you have more to learn - not that the laws don't work or that the principles may not be sound. People spend months and often years working to become. Self evaluation in short spans of time should only be measured in terms of progress, never failure. People spend years becoming who they are. If there are areas that need to be changed or improved, it cannot typically be done overnight. That doesn't mean it can't be done overnight, but true character development so that is who you are takes continuous, consistent, effort. And faltering while you're doing that - isn't failure - it's only the wave of your progress.

    You'll grow and fall back, and you'll grow higher and fall back less, and grow still higher, and fall back even less. Your lowest standard will become so high and people around you will become so amazed - you won't know it. Because you'll be so busy growing. 🙂 Isn't that great?

    So patience, persistence, and effort - you're worth it.

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    One of the most powerful analogies I have heard in from this [the Hidden Treasures book and the Family Time & Money Freedom] course was that of our lives compared to the tides in the ocean. When the tide recedes, we perceive that it has taken all our blessings and success with it. It can be a confusing and despondent place to be. In the spirit of that analogy, the best advice I could give is stand on the beach and wait for the tide to come back. By law, it has to.

    My husband and I have had major setbacks also after times of great success. I understand the feeling of confusion and brokenness that you feel. In the middle of the success you honestly feel that you have made it and that hardship is behind you, only to find yourself there again. Before Jackrabbit and the laws I would have chalked it up to bad luck, or the success just being a fluke. Now I can look back on every single one of those instances and see how it was all part of the bigger picture. Each time (and not knowing it at the time) the set back was actually a HUGE step towards abundance and the life we wanted.

    Could it be that there is something to learn that is far more valuable than the money you lost? That this setback is imperative to your ultimate success?

    I know it is hard to see the purpose of it in the middle of the trial. Setbacks can be emotionally disabling. Recently I found myself in the middle of a perceived set back. The weight of it became so great one day I let go of all my positive thinking and cried. And then I cried some more and more. I even curled up in a ball and cried and shut the world out. And then I was done. I allowed myself to feel the fear, doubt, anger, frustration and stress. When I was done, I left it there on the couch and walked away and it was gone. Then, I asked myself how what was happening could be part of God's will for me. What was I supposed to be learning? I decided to let go. I have learned a phrase that has become like a mantra for me. "Let go and let God". That is what I did and within days, I received some answers and we are now focused and back on track. We learned a lot from that little "setback". It was not fun, or something I even wanted to happen. I felt forsaken in the midst of it which is a natural human reaction. But God does not forsake His children. Try to believe that there IS something bigger happening here. The tide is coming back and the treasures it brings will be great.

    Good Luck

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