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    I have been through the first 12 lessons and I set my goal. Even though I can visualize what I want to manifest and have done it many time and have felt what it feels like when I find it, it still hasn’t happened. I believe the laws and know that they will work but since it has been quite a few weeks since I set my goal and it still hasn’t worked I’m not sure if I’m missing something. Can anyone help me.


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    Thank you Leslie for your continual insight. (Especially debunking the women-can-multitask-myth! – my wife will love it.) I do see the difference in what you are talking about now. And I am finding the more that I practice not worrying about something, the easier it becomes to just let it be and not let that worry (or doubt) become attached to any emotion.

    Thanks again Leslie,


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    This can be a tough challenge: to plant it and let it grow. I’ve noticed that my mind can only focus really well on one thing at a time (debunking the women-can-multitask-myth), and if I allow myself to worry at all, that’s time and energy that wasn’t spent doing something within my control to advance the cause. Sure, we can look like we’re doing a lot of things all at once, but our minds are only on one thing at a time. Let’s be sure we’re exercising mental tenacity to keep ourselves from getting derailed.

    AND, if you fall off track for a while, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and think, “Okay, I’m back in the saddle, and I know that most seeds can survive a little bit of neglect, therefore, I expect everything is still be underway for me.”

    It’s when you slip back and think, “Oh drat, I blew it! Now it isn’t going to work!” that you’ve just ruined the flow. See the difference?

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    Hi cambersimson,

    I would agree with your insight about “muscling” the laws to work. I know that I too find myself wanting to make it work, so that I prove that it works and will continue to work. But, as Leslie has stated, that’s like uprooting the seed you have planted. I need to just plant the seed, let it be nurtured and cared for through positive thoughts and efforts, and just know that it is coming my way. Just let it grow. Nobody can force a seed to grow, no matter how hard you (or I) try – it will always bring about the opposite of our desires.

    Thanks for the insight and best of L.U.CK. to all!!


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    Dr. Ellison! I’m so glad you’re on! It’s really interesting that I haven’t been on the forums in weeks…literally, and then I felt like I should jump back on tonight and the first post I see is yours! I think that the information Alisa shared was GREAT…as usual! 🙂 Knowing you, I would venture to guess that your goal may feel like a “need” for you. Both sets of my parents set off on the same business venture a year and a half ago. One set quickly excelled, while the other couldn’t get a single thing to work. Knowing both of their situations first hand I knew that one set didn’t NEED the money, while the other was desperate for it. It’s amazing to see that sometimes we need or want something SO bad that we end up pushing it away. Scott and I pushed and pushed for success, but to no avail. We felt like we were believing all of the right things, thinking all of the right things, and we ended up with $3.00 in our bank account. It wasn’t until we exercized faith, (easier for Scott than me…because I really wanted to “muscle” it all until it worked) that things finally started moving in the right direction. And it was a direction that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. (Although looking back, it has led to breakthroughs that have brought us closer than ever to our goals.) I’m not sure what your goal was, but I know that if you just relax, put it in Heavenly Father’s hands…that way YOU, and your emotion are out of the way, and just believe that when the time is right, (Law of Gestation) miracles will happen. Scott and I held ourselves back from so many things before because we were so concerned with what would happen if they didn’t work, or couldn’t see HOW they would work. I know that this is way deeper than your question about the “inconsequential goal”, but hopefully it will help you with not only that, but your HUGE future goals, which I know you have, as well!

    I hope you stay plugged in to these forums, and I hope life finds you well. I have to tell you again that YOU are the reason Scott and I are on these forums, and YOU are the reason that we set out down this amazing path. Your influence set us on the track that would create this amazing life that we are currently living. Thank you so much. Really, you will be a dear friend forever. YOU can do this. I know that you KNOW this stuff. Logically it makes sense to you…now you can stop being logical and let a little more “I” creep into your mind. (I know you’ll know what I mean!) Hopefully we can chat soon!

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    Here is a response I just gave to someone with a similar concern (there are also links to other threads where lots of people have given helpful advice):

    I’m not sure how big your “inconsequential” goal is, but you titled your post “first big test…” Remember, that it is NOT a big test! And remember to have fun with it!

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