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    Hi I am continually amazed how Heavenly Father teaches me and inspires me. I believe that two situations that occurred within the last two days fit The Law of Polarity. Everything has an opposite, an bad situation is equally good.

    Situation 1 – My mother in laws doctor came to see her yesterday. As a result of that visit she wanted to put mom on some heavy drugs that could cause serious side affects. I called her oldest son so the doctor could explain to Bill the side effects of this drug. The doctor wanted mom to go to a care facility so they could monitor her for 1 week up to a month to make sure she would react favorably to this new drug.

    None of us were eager to put mom through this and we were all worried about the serious and life threatening side effects of this drug. I spent a lot of time on the phone with family and looking for a care facility for temporary care for her.

    After I found out what we needed to do to qualify mom for admittance to one of the local nursing homes I called the Doctor. She had had time to think things through and said she would prefer that we keep mom home and monitor how she will react to this new drug that could cause a heart attack and or stroke.

    I explained to her that I did not feel comfortable with this decision as I was her main care giver and did not have the medical knowledge I need to monitor her.

    After I made my concerns known to the doctor I felt impressed to make another suggestion to her. I suggested that she consider giving mom a drug in the morning like the one she takes in the evening. She has responded well to that particular drug it does not have life threatening side affects and would keep her calm during the day.

    She thought the idea was great and said she would have her assistant call in the script in the morning. What seemed like a bad situation turned out to be a blessing for all concerned.

    Situation 2 – I had an order from a customer for some custom golf themed dolls . She is a dear sweet lady and a great customer. She wanted to make this order as easy as possible for me. She made several suggestions. But her suggestions were only making things confusing for both of us.

    I wrote back to her with a very simple idea, she wrote back with some of her ideas it was not a good situation. Neither of us were angry but it was frustrating for both of us.

    I decided to remind her of her original idea to see if this would lesson the confusion and bring this order to a happy conclusion for her. She emailed me back happy with her original idea with a new twist and the end result was even better than the first idea.

    Out of this experience I was blessed with a new idea for a new line of cinnamon dolls, no not golf themed but an even better idea that I think will bring in a good amount of sales.

    Both situations seemed to be negative to some degree but because I had the right mindset and looked for the right outcome each situation turned out just exactly as it was suppose to and with positive results for everyone involved

    I love what I am learning ….. !!!

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    Yes, I’ve visited your site, and you have some really cute creations! 🙂

    As far as selling your business goes, that is definitely something to listen to intuition about! Your wise inner guidance can help you know what to do, and when.


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    Thanks Harmony – listening to my intuition has always been a wonderful blessing when I listen. Learning to listen to the still small almost whisper of a voice is causing me to try my hardest to always be intune, connected to the right station so to speak.

    It sounds like you have visited my website that is wonderful. I keep thinking it is time to sell it but than I keep coming up with other ideas for new lines of dolls and other items.

    I will just follow that still small whisper of a voice and all will be well.

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    Rochelle, I love what you’re learning, too! :4:

    I’m so glad you listened to your intuition with your mother’s doctor — way to go! And I’m looking forward to seeing your new line of cinnamon dolls on your web site.


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