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    I have been watching gas prices drop here where I live. This morning as I drove by the gas station I was excited to see that the price had dropped again — and now gas is only $3.34/gallon here in Grapevine, TX!

    Then I remembered how outraged we were when gas hit $3.00/gallon — and I was reminded that the Law of Relativity can work for us or against us! In this case I was able to be grateful for fuel prices! A few years ago I would not have been grateful to be paying $3.34/gallon for gasoline.

    Is $3.34 a lot to pay for gas? It’s all relative! Two years from now people may wish they were only paying $3.34/gallon! So I will be grateful that’s all we have to pay for it!

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    You know, that’s exactly it–the choices, as well as the prices. I love feeling I can buy anything I want and still feel like I have gotten a good deal. I love the way my favorite clothes feel, and they’re things that I probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise. The barn coat is something I never thought would be comfy until I tried it on, and I have a University of Michigan sweatshirt that I live in all winter, that I certainly wouldn’t have found at Wal-Mart or Target 🙂

    I love having unexpected things that I really love just falling into my life.

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    I have a Savers just six blocks away. It is my favorite. As my income has increased I ask myself if I will always go to thrift stores. I believe I will because there is so much more choice of quality items. Probably three fourths of my fabulous wardrobe comes from thrift stores. It has more to do with choice than price. Of course, price makes the choice easier.

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    I just had a funny experience, re gas prices.

    I have been accepted into an MFA (master of fine arts) program that requires a week-long residency in Vermont twice a year. I live in Arkansas, and if I’m going to Vermont in January, I don’t have a coat that is appropriate. I’m willing to buy one (grateful that I have so many choices) but thought I’d ask on Freecycle first, and take one that someone else doesn’t need in Arkansas.

    So I got this reply suggesting a big thrift store roughly in my part of town, which “might be cheaper than the cost of gas to pick up.” I was grateful for the reminder about the store. My two favorite garments came from that store, and I never thought of looking for a coat there.

    HOWEVER, gas in our area is now (yesterday; may be lower today) $2.05. My car gets 24 mpg. So anywhere in Central Arkansas, picking up a coat would cost me roughly $5.

    I find that mindset funny–we grew used to talking about cost of gas, and can’t stop.

    And at the same time, I’m so grateful for Freecycle and for the reminder about the Savers store. I love thrift stores; you can get good deals, and find stuff that you just wouldn’t find somewhere else. I have a barn coat I wear all the time, that I paid $7.50 for, that I would never have paid full price for, because I wouldn’t have thought it was worth it. Now I wear it every day in spring and fall. So many blessings at thrift stores.

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    Thanks, Angie! That is a good reminder to acknowledge that we have everything we need IN THIS MOMENT.

    I used to stress way too much about what was going to happen in the future and honestly, now that I’ve resigned as Manager of the Universe, I truly do feel much better! :4:

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    This is so interesting. We saw gas at $2.46 last night and my husband said he would fill up on the way to work. I said, wait till Saturday and fill up cheaper. He said, “Yes, but if I have to push my car up the hill to work, I won’t care that gas will be cheaper the next day.”

    Which got me also thinking about not only being grateful we are rich so we can pay for gas :), not only praying for more money for all our needs including cheap gas 🙂 but also being grateful that at this moment, when he needs to fill up his car, gas is at $2.46 a gallon.

    I went through an exercise the other night of reminding myself I have everything I need. Amazing how much resistance my mind put up to that, but I finally was able to acknowledge that I had no hunger, no pain, no thirst, a warm bed with an electric blanket…right at THAT moment, I had everything I needed for that moment.

    Economic hard times are a good environment for this exercise.

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    I’m right there w/you Alisa!

    When I saw the prices under $3 I was so
    excited and expressed gratitude! And now
    they’re down more…more gratitude!

    I’m going to express that everywhere I go
    today to everyone I meet so that I can spread
    the gratitude!!

    What a great way to live!


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    We’re at about $2.99/gallon (maybe the highest in the nation?). It dropped 10 cents from two days ago, though, and I was so grateful as I drove by to see that the numbers are going down.

    Alisa, you made me go “hmmm.” It is interesting that everyone is only up in arms when the price is going up and seem to ignore when they’re going down and maybe the attitude is, “Well, it’s about time.” Thanks for bringing that up. I will be sure to express more gratitude for the prices going down.

    Shanna, that’s cool what your husband is doing. And it would be amazing to see what would happen if even more people started sending out that intention.

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    We’re down to about $2.19 here so I think we’re the lowest in the nation. Pretty cool. Several weeks ago my husband told me that he had sent out the intention for the gas prices to go down and he pictured in his mind the price hitting $2.50. He pictured how grateful he was and that he had a “party” with our family when it reached that level. Well, it started to go down and eventually hit $2.50. We had our “party” (dinner and a DVD).

    Then he said he has put out the intention of $1.99. Kinda fun. Is he the one doing it? It’s probably a collective group effort. But just think if more people jumped on the band wagon, where could the prices end up? And if we can do that with the price of gas, why not for other things? It’s all up to our imagination!

    Have a great day!

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    Yesterday I gassed up for $2.49/gallon – that means the price dropped almost $1.00/gallon in a week! It is so much fun watching the price lower every time I drive by the gas station!

    Let’s all remember to be grateful for dropping gas prices so they keep dropping and stay low!

    I find it interesting that when gas prices were going up I was receiving all kinds of emails from outraged and angry citizens. But no one thinks to send an email around expressing gratitude at rapidly dropping gas prices. Maybe that’s why they don’t stay down very long… (Things that make ya go “Hmmmm….”!)

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    When gas prices went up, I expressed gratitude to God. Because I knew that he would always provide a way for me to have the resources I need. If that meant lower gas prices… or more money in my pocket to pay for it… It really didn’t matter. I truly believed that we would be fine no matter what — because God would be a generous provider and I would be a grateful receiver!

    Thanks for your part in lowering the prices, Lisa:)! I admit that it is fun to watch the prices keep going down, down, down! It’s so much easier to be grateful for prices that are going down than it is to be grateful when the prices are going up!

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    Why not pray for more money to pay higher gas prices?

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    Okay I remember one day when the prices got to almost $5.00, I prayed. I prayed dear god please let the gas prices drop for all of us. I really meant it and thought of all of us (the whole world hehe) being so happy that the prices are going down…SO you can thank me that they are going down..LOL Just kidding, but I know it helped! :4:

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    So true! I remember last year, when gas prices first started going up, they said they could get as high as $4.00 per gallon. The prices stayed around $3.00 per gallon and I was grateful they didn’t go as high as was predicted.

    This year, I heard they could go as high as $5.00 per gallon, and how grateful I was that they only went a little over $4.00 per gallon. And yes, I’m grateful to now see those gas prices dropping every week.

    I am seeing a trend in their predictions, however. Next year, will we be hearing the prices could go as high as $6.00 per gallon and be grateful they’ll hover around $5.00 per gallon? I don’t know, but it is all relative. And how grateful I am to know that God truly does provide and we will be okay no matter what happens to gas prices. After all, “It’s a good thing we’re rich!!” 😉

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