Getting my keys, my midterm experience

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    Jonathan R Murdock

    It's been a rough time trying to manifest something 'inconsequential'. First, I tried to manifest this amazing shirt I had when I was twenty. I wanted one like it, and figured I would just find it. I did that for a few days, but didn't get close. I don't fully realize what I was doing wrong. I was working hard to get a shirt, but I think I agonized over it instead of felt good about it. Then I changed my goal to getting beautiful rock earrings for my wife. I wanted them to be ones she and I would be pleased with, teardrop shaped, and in my price range. I felt good about this, it had a lot of good excited energy behind it. I spyed out rock shops where they might be lurking. Jewelry shops don't really have anything but faceted precious stones- not what we want. On one day, I let myself be 'led by the spirit', and drove where I felt inclined or pushed. two hours later, I realized I was close to the jewelry shop I had researched before, and planned on going to, so I went there. found some great sea-green, with a hint of yellow pearl earrings, at a slightly expensive price. I figured this was not actually manifesting the way it should have been. But maybe it was?. Anyway, I next said- "I'm going to see the stars at night, or a rainbow. Neither of which I have seen for a while. I held on to that for a few days. until. Sunday when I lost my keys. I held on to the images of finding my keys, and what they feel like, taste like smell like, how good it would be to find them. Even the sentimental value of them. It's nice that I don't NEED them, I have a spare, and can make copies of the house key. I cleaned the house the next day and did not find them. I looked a second time, in all the places I missed. Later when going downstairs to pick up my boys from school, A security guard stopped me and handed me my keys. I'm so grateful they're mine again. I'm totally counting this experience. partly because I'm tired of not working on FTML. I've been stopped for like 3 weeks on this goal

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