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    I just realized I never introduced myself. I am Flora. I have been reading Leslie's books for seven or eight years. I have revisited Hidden Treasures about once a year in that time. Over the last 18-ish months, I have loved the podcasts. The laws were indispensable as I faced these last two years and the hardest trial of my life.

    I purchased the course for two reasons. 1. I knew that I need to make the financial statement to the universe that I am now serious about living these laws. 2. I have been playing with the principles for years and they have blessed me, but I want to do better. And I want to be able to bless others too.

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    Hi Flora! Welcome to the forums. It's great to have you join us 🙂
    For some reason, it's not notifying me of new posts like it's supposed to, though... so I apologize for the delayed response!!

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