How do you know your true intention?

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    I was reading The Passion Test today. I’ve read it before, but I try to always be reading at least one thing related to the Laws. So I happened upon this sentence, “How do I know what my true intentions are?” They were talking about how no matter what you think you intend, you get what you really intend–there’s no way around it.

    So how do you know your true intentions? By your results.

    So simple, and I am so clearly seeing results of my true intentions right now, and yet I’m not sure I ever really “got” it before.

    What you’re getting is what you’re intending. Wow. I spent some time getting really clear today, and am already seeing even more results.

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    Sue, I think each of us goes through experiences like you are from time to time. It is part of life, the law of rhythm, if nothing else. Growth isn’t a straight path. There is much to learn along the way and if we are to remain resolute we have to keep telling the universe we are serious and won’t be taken from our path.

    One of the things that helps me to be more focused in the morning is to do some visualization in bed before I go to sleep. I thank the Lord for my strong and healthy body and for the energy I will have in the morning. I visualize getting up with energy and purpose and I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face. In the morning I wake up with energy and purpose. If that doesn’t happen automatically, I remind myself of what I felt the night before and bring myself back to that state. As I lie in bed in the morning I go through the same process, thanking the Lord for my good night sleep, my bed, my healthy body, sometimes mentioning specific organs. I sing a little song in my head and get up feeling great. I have been doing this for a long time and it wasn’t always this easy but it is very rewarding now because I feel great every morning.

    Stick with your vision and goals. You will reach them. It is the law!


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    Congratulations Angie! What a great story.

    This is a great thread! Thanks for all your comments. While looking at EFT info I discovered that my current intent is to avoid success and responsibility and that is what keeps pulling me away from my TRUE passion of being my best, successful self (I have details about what that means to me written down). I have had several successful goal-setting experiences. I enjoy the moment and then my subconscious brings me right back to doubt and fear. I started using EFT scripts for Polar Reversals and Personal Peace last night and this morning I am having a harder time getting excited about my goal and believing it can happen. I am excited for what I will learn from this and thanks to the great training many of you have given me, I am spending more time visualizing my completed goal and imagining what that will feel like and using EFT until my “gestation period” is over. I know I will reach my goals, I just have more learning experiences along the way than I had anticipated. I had an wonderful experience with my FTMF lesson 7 goal which I shall post in the FTMF forum.

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    How about that? Congratulations. I think this is a perfect example of the letting go and receiving part of the process of manifesting what we want. Too often we get anxious and block our own progress. This is very exciting. I am happy for you.


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    I guess this is the best thread for posting this.

    I wrote a creativity book about two years ago, and self-published it. Despite big hopes, The Leonardo Trait did not ever really get off the ground.

    A few weeks ago I noticed I had three copies on my shelf, and last week I mailed those three copies to my coach and two coaching peers, because I thought they would like them.

    Now, two years ago, my intention was to make this a huge book that people knew about and that really let creative people feel that there’s nothing wrong with them, that being incredibly creative is just another way of being.

    So today, in our coaching call, I figured Monica would talk about my ebooks and where that’s going. No, she wanted to talk about The Leonardo Trait, because next week when she teaches at the AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute) boot camp, she wants to take The Leonardo Trait with her and show it to the big information publishers who will be there.

    She said, “Because I really think this is something Nightingale-Conant will want to publish.”

    Silence. I kept waiting for someone to laugh. More silence.

    “Could you please say that again?”

    “I really think this is something Nightingale-Conant will want to publish. And if they don’t, after I show it to them next week, then AWAI might want to, or we might want to, and compete with products from Nightingale-Conant.”

    To which I said, “Holy cows,” only I didn’t say cows.

    My assignment was to come up with a list of information products and related things that I would spin off the book. I did that two years ago. So my assignment now is to organize a mini-proposal for her to take to Florida with her and show to Nightingale-Conant and AWAI and all the rest.

    I always wanted this book to be what I DO. I wanted this to be WHO I AM, but I never thought, at this point, that it would.

    And now I’m absolutely convinced that this (or something better) is just right around the corner.

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    So true! I first read the Passion Test a couple of years ago. I went through the process and created my statement and read it for a while and then got on to something else. I pulled it out about a month ago and guess what, those are still the things I want most. I need to remember that my gestation period is just taking more time than I want. I am loving the journey, however, and learning more each day. I will share my statement on the chance it might help someone else get the hang of it.

    My Passion Test
    November 18, 2006
    I am so happy and grateful now that I am living my passions and drawing the following into my life.
    1. I am keeping my covenants with God.
    2. I am spending lots of quality time with my family.
    3. I am empowering thousands of people to discover and fulfill their divine purpose and to live in joy now.
    4. I am healthy, conscious, present, relaxed and having fun.
    I am giving and receiving generously and frequently from my vast resources and those of the universe which are the same.
    This or something better.

    Blessings to all,


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