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    All items have been taken.....thanks guys!

    Hi it has been quite a while since I have been posting. One thing I am doing as we are getting ready for water proofing the basement is getting rid of items I no longer use. I am giving alot of things to Goodwill but thought the following items might find a more welcomed home with some of you.

    All I am asking is that the postage be paid to be delivered to your home. If you are interested in the following items please pm me

    Michele's whole Musivation program
    Joe vital 2 set DVD The missing secret lecture series volume 1 and 2
    Peggy McColl Magnet for money program 6 CD set including the workbook
    Install and Transcend the Secret Joe Vitale DVD

    All items are in excellent condition practically new. I was going to sell them
    and than decided to put The Vacumm Law of Prosperty to work as I ease my
    way back into finishing the home study program.

    It would please me to know that someone else might benefit from these
    programs. I know a bit more about where I want my lifes path to go so giving
    away items that are no longer serving me might serve others.

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    We are packing up all items this evening to be mailed this week........

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    Pam I received your payment for the Musivation program thanks we will get this sent out this week to the address provided on your paypal receipt. This is a fun program.

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    Hi Rochelle, I'd be interested in the Musivation program...What do I need to do? Thanks, Pam

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    I sent you a pm about the money program, but for some reason I got the message on my computer screen that you are not receiving pm's now. For some reason it's not going though. Will you pm me to were I can e-mail you if that works?


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