I LOVE this law!!

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    Okay, gang! I just had to share what happened yesterday. I am so excited about it!

    I have been working on grad night for quite a while now. Graduation is on May 22 and there is a lot to accomplish before that date. One of the things we were wanting for our “western side” was a mechanical bull. We have been trying to contact parents to see if anyone had a connection for us to get a bull to use. We were told the National Guard wouldn’t bring it to the high schools because someone got hurt at another event. Anyway, it’s been in the back of my mind, but I haven’t “worried” about it.

    Yesterday I received a phone call from a guy who runs mechanical bulls. His family builds them and they have a business. I thought a parent had put him in contact with me, but he said that he was just thinking there may be some schools that would want it for their grad nights, so he just began calling schools and we were the first ones he called! He is from Idaho and going to school in Orem, UT. It was the most random thing!

    I was so excited!!! I called my friend who is in charge of that side and was just about yelling, “I LOVE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!!!” She just started laughing at me, but was SO grateful, because she was the one worrying about it.

    Here’s what excites me even more. My business has been pretty successful, but has seemed to be in a slump lately. I know it was because I was worried that I had to focus so much on grad night and couldn’t devote as much time to my business as I have been. This great gift yesterday made me realize that I still can easily attract the right people into my business– that they are there and waiting and will be coming to me. My belief level is up. My gratitude is up. It was just another great blessing for me!

    There truly is so much good in the world right now. I know that as I have focused on the good, then more has come my way and I have felt so much peace. I also know that, by law, there is as much abundance in the world as there are people struggling. Again, I’ve decided to choose to be part of the “good part.” I know that as we choose to focus on the good, the real benefit of that is peace and serenity.

    Thanks for letting me share!

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    Thank you Denise!!!I also do something else..when i think negative i change my vibration thinking my nephew who is seven months!!!and all the negative thoughts just disappear!!

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    Good work, Niko! Believing in yourself is what truly brings about change! Congrats on your job!

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    I am wishing you the best!!!Me also try to think positive and i atract the right people who are willing to help me!I want to work as an engineer in a yacht but when i first started to looking for it some people told me that is very difficult to do it but inside me i always telling to myself that Niko do not lose your faith and your persistance in the end you will be the winner!!!and now i am very happy and grateful because in a few days i will start to work as an engineer in a beautiful yacht!!!and i know that the only reason i managed that was that i was always thinking positive so i was atracting the right people who helped to accomplish my goal:)

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    Thank you Denise and Alisa for your posts. I was just feeling sad about some things and needed a lift. I love the positive vibrations here! I fully agree with Denise when she said, “I know that as we choose to focus on the good, the real benefit of that is peace and serenity.” There is no reason to wallow in those sad thoughts, there are so many more productive things to be doing with my thoughts! Thanks guys. And Alisa, I loved the idea of the phone calls!

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    Great story, Denise! Your post was full of a lot of great reminders for me! I get so worried about how “busy” I am and how I can’t do anything else until I have more time. But if I’m working with the laws better, then I can allow a lot of things to happen simultaneously. I love how you didn’t have to spend hours tracking down the mechanical bull; in fact, you didn’t have to spend any time at all. It found you!

    I have a friend, and before she goes to bed every night she makes a list of all the people she needs to talk to the next day. Then the next day while she is going about her business, the people on the list start calling HER!

    I totally agree with the part about focusing on all that is good in the world! Spring still came this year, flowers are still popping up all over, nature is coming into full bloom! All is right and good with the world. I love how President Gordon B. Hinckley used to always say, “The best is yet to come.” No wonder he lived to be 97 years old and was healthy up until the day he died!

    The best is yet to come…

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