I loved every bit of this course

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    When I first heard about The Jackrabbit Factor I immediately began reading it. It was one of those books I just couldn't put down. I fell in love with every word. I loved Portal to Genius every bit as much, as well as Hidden Treasures. I began following Leslie and learning everything I could from her. She is so full of incredible knowledge! I signed up for Genius Bootcamp. I expected it to be in depth learning about universal laws. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much of a spiritual experience it was for me. I came with a very specific question of how to continue my business. I received a very clear answer to quit my direct sales business. That did not make any sense to me. I wrestled with it, but knew it was the right thing to do. For a couple months I felt lost. I didn't understand why I needed to let go of the success I had achieved. But I soon realized I need be working with youth. So many things from my past started to make sense to me. I signed up for the Mindset Mastery Program and dived right into it. It helped me understand some of the anxiety I was feeling about this new path I was on. I highlighted so many "ahas". It was so exciting to fill my mind and heart with so much goodness. Again it became a very spiritual experience for me. It helped me with my new youth mentor business, and it also helped me on so many personal and spiritual levels. I loved learning about universal laws and how to apply them in my life. I loved every bit of this course. I learned so much. I grew so much. I feel more confident. It's been so fun to teach others what I've learned and see the light turn on for them the way it has for me. I highly recommend this course. It has changed my life tremendously! I am so very grateful for Leslie sharing her knowledge.

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