I’m ready for the high tide to come back in.

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    Hi guys!

    I have to say that right now I’m glad for this Law. For a while there it seemed like everything was going my way. I was materializing anything and everything I wanted. I’ve gotten very good at getting prime parking spots, and catching all the awesome jaw dropping sales at any store I want, and finding the money when I need it.
    While little things and big things are still going well it seems that the last few weeks I’ve been hit with some pretty big mood killers. I’ve had to cut my Grandmother out of my life because she has caused me great pains lately and is threatening greater pains. I feel like the less I have to do with her the less she can hurt me, my family, and the ones I love. My husband calls her an energy vampire, that’s putting it nicely. (By the way, that’s probably the meanest thing he’s ever said about anybody.)
    There are a few other pretty big things that have pulled me down. It seemed like my whole world just imploded on me but I’m climbing out of the rubble now and am rebuilding bigger better safer walls. As hard as these last weeks have been I know that I’ve found my new rock bottom and I can only go up from here. I said “new” bottom because it’s still not as far down as I was 3 years ago but it’s kinda low compared to a few months ago.
    My Mom has been staying with me since the beginning of Aug and will be here till the end of Sept. My kids have started school and I’m babysitting my cousin in law’s 2 year old 3 days out of the week. It’s turned my schedule upside down and I’m having to work hard for a few quite minutes for the FTMF program. But I’ve found that it’s definitely worth it. I always feel better after being uplifted by the great messages and insights that come from it. The journal is fun too, because when I’m depressed from all the things that are going wrong I get to write and remember about all the things that are going right. I think that the journal is something that I’ll do forever.

    I hope that everyone else is doing well.

    Oh BTW, Mathew and Jenifer, is there any that I could have seen you at the Springville, UT Wal-Mart a few days ago? I passed this couple with the cutest little red-headed 2ish looking little girl and I felt like I knew them. It was a few minutes later that it hit me that they looked just like yall. I thought it would have been a cool coincidence if it were you.

    Good luck on your journeys!!
    Jessica English

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    I sure would like to hear how Jessica is doing now? Are you still around? Send us an update!!!

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    I apologize that we haven’t responded sooner. I honestly didn’t see your post until now. Its interesting about your “energy vampire” situation. Please let us know how things go with that.

    Unless something amazing happened, it wasn’t us that you saw. We have never been that far south with our girls. Thank you for looking for us. It would be cool to meet our twins sometime!

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    Thanks Alisa for the email inviting me back. I had forgotten how therapeutic it can be to post and read here.

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    The other thing I always think of is “something good must be around the corner!” When I am having a difficult time, I try to stop and think of what is going on and then realize that whatever is going on in my life must be good to have so much opposition. I’ve noticed that if a glitch/problem/struggle comes up when I am preparing something, it means that it must be the right thing to do because Satan is trying to stop my work. I just think, “you’re not going to win!” Then I move on!

    Isn’t it great that you can already see improvement in your life with new lows? Alisa’s right, that will become better, too!

    Keep up the great work!

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    I think we can all relate! And I am glad to also be
    aware of the law of rhythm!

    I heard a quote somewhere that really seemed to summarize
    what I experience now in my life:

    “I used to have bad years, now I just have bad days!”

    I’m not sure where it came from, or who said it
    first, but I could claim that quote as my own!

    And to expand a little, I don’t even have “bad”
    days anymore, just challenging moments!

    Thank Heaven for the knowledge of these laws!


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    Welcome back! It’s great to have you back posting on the forum!

    Sorry about the energy vampire situation – be sure to check out how to “zip up” to keep that from happening. Harmony posted a video at: http://www.thoughtsalive.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3968#post3968

    It was great to hear that your new low is so much higher than your old lows. The cool thing is that if you stick with these principles, your new lows will be even higher than you are now!

    It sounds like you are super-busy! When I get like that, I take the time to thank God for the miracle of having even a few quiet moments to work on myself! Gratitude for time seems to help create more time…

    Keep up the great work! We’re glad you’re back!

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