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    Thanks to this course, the Jackrabbit Factor and knowing now about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, but past several months has become clear to me, and I also still have a job.

    Sometime in April, I recall now that I was daydreaming ALOT about not having to come into work anymore. For some reason, I kept picturing myself not being at my particular place of employment any longer. I have been the breadwinner in my family for far too long, and have longed for hubby to take the lead or ramp up his efforts with his freelance business. I was feeling angry and burned out, you name it. So, to come back to it, I was dreaming that I was just somehow done with this job. Well, I began to get a really bad feeling around mid-April. Understanding that employee evaluations were coming up soon, I got queasy and then did a “bad” thing. When my boss was on vacation, I got into his email (he never shuts down his computer) and searched for my name. I discovered that he had begun soliciting members of our team for reasons that he might use to terminate me in May. That, of course, threw me into a white-hot panic. I’ve never been fired from a job in my life. I threw my daydreaming into reverse, buckled down and worked my butt off. I made sure to cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s, and also, to let my boss know about it and every little picayune thing that I did. I sent him a ‘cc’ on every single little thing that I did, because of course, he really had no idea about all the stuff that I did. I just do stuff and don’t brag about it. Well, I decided I was going to. A huge and important task came up at work and I went above and beyond the call of duty, literally working ’til midnight before an important presentation before Congress (for my boss). May rolled around and nothing. No termination, just crickets. I did a bad thing again and checked his email and found that no one had anything to send him to assist with a termination. (Whew!) I stumbled upon the JackRabbit Factor that same month (May) and of course, now I see very clearly what I had been doing and how I had “dreamed” it all into happening. Quite scary, but also quite cool. I just had my annual review last week, and got a glowing report. Wow.

    I just want to say thanks. More exciting things are happening and I couldn’t be more grateful for Leslie & Trevan and all of the angst they went through to discover these amazing laws and concepts to share with all of us.

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    Sweet H2O – Welcome to the forums! What a story! What a great illustration of what happens when we concentrate on the negative… You almost pictured yourself right out of a job. You should apply that energy to picturing your husband getting lots and lots of work that he loves that brings in lots and lots of money so you are free to keep working, or quit if you choose to. As you keep working hard and making your job a better place to be, then better opportunities will open up for you, too — and one of those may be the opportunity of staying home if that’s what you choose to do! Or it may be a more interesting position or job! Or maybe doing some freelance stuff yourself and enjoying some free time. It’s fun when you realize how limitless the possibilities are!

    Good luck with your journey!

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