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    emailed to Leslie 11/19/07


    Visited your site again this am and noticed I missed the teleseminar this past Thurs. I attend a wide variety of tele seminars due to my being home with hubby’s disability and caregiving needs. Would very much like to hear the call if you perhaps have a link for download or replay. I’m thrilled with your work and feel a tremendous change coming over our family as we strive to leverage our ability to attain more of your materials on our current income with me as sole provider the past couple years. We’re LDS and homeschool. Our 12 year old daughter especially is as thrilled as I am because she too will be starting an online business this year. Our businesses will be centered around serving families and connecting. Your work will most assuredly be one of our top affiliate endeavors. Am quite interested to know if you’re gearing up for a holiday affiliate program?

    Would someday love to hear personally how personal revelation came to you concerning the laws. My dear friend recently attended the Art of Womanhood Conference in SL a couple weeks ago where your book Jackrabbit Factor was utilized for the main colloquia. You’re being quite impactful Leslie and I know you’re being guided in the work you’re performing. Thank you for all you do in serving and touching the lives of so many. I’m a born connector and teacher and look forward to spreading the word about your work. My plan this week is continue visualizing my access to Hidden Treasures somehow and studying this work as feverishly as Jackrabbit. I’m left feeling such a longing for more. Way to go Leslie!!! Tell your family thank you too for all they do in supporting and sustaining you. We as mothers of many know well the art of leveraging eternal goals, time, energies, mission and passions. Luv, C

    PS As soon as I’m able I’ll be fulfilling my passions to train with Alex Mandossian on TeleSeminars. Wanted to jump aboard this time as Tellman came aboard to add his works. I would very much love to have you as one of my first tele seminar guests. I’ve many contacts within the homeschooling community and many a family will benefit from your work. Again, Thank you for all you do.

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    Thank you for your note. I have some really wonderful affiliate opportunities in the works, so when you’re ready go to the affiliates link at the bottom of our website and it will point you in the right direction. I will have a copy of that teleseminar posted probably within a week or two (hopefully...minus some holiday time for family). I have the file right now, but it’s too large to post. Needs some work first.

    Be in touch!


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