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    Yesterday I was checking off a list of things I’m interested in for a course I’m taking on finding my perfect business. One of the things I checked off was Genealogist. I said to myself, “Hmm.. that would be kind of interesting…”

    So, this morning I get the mail and there’s this huge envelope that I thought was something I had been expecting. However, I notice the return label is from Mr. & Mrs. Heidenreich (my maiden name) from California. I don’t know any Heidenreichs in California!

    I think, “This is odd. Maybe something of mine got sent to them by mistake” Then thought it would have to have been something from before I was married. It’s funny the thoughts that go through my mind sometimes! lol

    Anyway, I open the package to find over 30 pages of genealogy records and pictures of relatives on my dad’s side of the family! My great grandfather looks exactly like my dad’s father. It’s uncanny!

    It turns out that this gentleman has been sending genealogy information to my mom. But lost track of her when she moved. My aunt had my address and gave it to him – so I ended up with the package he would have sent to my mom.

    That’s my law of attraction story for the day.

    It would be really neat to have a Dodge Charger…. 😀

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    This is so funny. I made my comment about having some chocolate, and forgot it. A few days earlier I’d had some chocolate-covered cherries, which I absolutely love. I had left the box on my desk. Several days later, I had forgotten my post here, but found a lone chocolate left. Then I got home from vacation & was reminded that I had said I wouldn’t mind having some chocolate, and I found some 🙂

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    A client brought me some Ferrero Rocher chocs…just the other day I thought it would be nice to have some proper chocolate! 🙂

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    This is great! I love the divine synchronicity — the law of attraction in action, as you said.

    And what a great family treasure to arrive in the mail. 🙂


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    That’s the attitude!

    I’ve found so many things coming true, that I had dreamed of and wanted long ago. And so many just “accidents” or “coincidences.”

    When I chose a writing/business coach, I chose the third person who came to mind, and she came to my mind AFTER I had chosen a coach. I sent her my creativity book on a whim. I mean, it really is all very uncanny, sometimes.

    I wouldn’t mind having some chocolate 😀

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