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    I damaged my left knee while in the Coast Guard in the 70’s. After three knee surgeries, the knee was finally replaced in 1999. In between it was not unusual for me to fall down quite regularly whenever the knee would buckle. It is funny but I really did not pay much attention to the possibilities of falling except when holding babies; go figure.

    After the replacement I felt really great. Did not fall once and never gave it a thought until recently. For some strange reason every time I was at the top of the stairs in our home, I would have this quick and very temporary vision of falling down the stairs. I would stop and literally ask myself where that thought came from. One thing I learned in the Coast Guard was to keep one hand on the railing at all times as you would never know when the ship would pitch or roll.

    The one time I didn’t keep a hand on the rail occurred several years ago when I was loading up my truck while on a vacation and carried a suitcase in each hand down a flight of stairs. About 5 stairs from the bottom the new sneakers I was wearing with treads that look more like snow tires, caught on the newly carpeted stairs and down I went landing on my right shoulder and hitting my head on the door. Eventually the fall caused my right shoulder to be operated on. That was then, this is now.

    Back to my vision. I would try to put it out of my mind but each time there it was, the thought or vision of falling.

    I believe that we can do things with our minds that people would laugh at if I told them what I believed (so I don’t tell them). Each time I go down or up the stairs I make certain I have one hand for the railing.

    We are babysitting my daughter’s two dogs, about 45 pounds each. This past Saturday I was about to go downstairs carrying a package in my right hand and my left on the railing. As before, the instant vision popped in my head and disappeared as quickly as it appeared. I made certain I held onto the railing. As I started down the stairs, one of the dogs that follows me all over the house became excited thinking he was going out and ran down the stairs behind me. He hit me at full speed behind my surgically repaired knee. The knee buckled for the first time since the replacement surgery. Had I not been holding onto the railing, I would have surely fallen to the bottom of the stairs.

    In my opinion, this is clearly a case of the Law of Attraction providing something that I did not want to happen but nonetheless had a difficult time getting out of my mind even though I was aware of my thoughts.

    What did it teach me? The Law of Attraction can work for you or against you and that if you do not work at it, it seems like the natural path would lead to the negative side of the law so BE AWARE; ALWAYS! Think my thoughts and let the bad ones pass and just tell myself, that is not like me, then change the thoughts to where you want to be. It also reminded me that the actions of one individual, in this case my Coast Guard Trainer, could change the world or at least my part of it. “Hold onto the railing with one hand, always!” What would be different today had I not heeded this valuable lesson from over thirty years ago. What will happen to my future now that I have met you and your works? Only time will tell.

    When the student (that would be me) is ready, the teacher (that would be you) appears.

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    Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

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