Law of Cause and Effect

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    Everything has a cause and everything has an effect. Nothing happens by chance; there is always a cause.

    I’ll share an example from my own experiences of this law.

    In high school I trained for the two mile race. When I started the season, I hadn’t been exercising and so had just as much ability, or lack of it, as anyone else would in my situation. I began training for the competitions by running eight or more miles a day. First I would run two miles, than four and so on until I was running ten miles most days. At this level of training, I was able to compete with the other competitors in the race.

    How was I able to go from a slow one mile to a fast ten mile? The answer lies in the law of cause and effect. As I caused my muscles to run faster and for longer periods, the effect was resistance which made my legs and body stronger. Not only this, but as I exerted effort away from me into the ground to propel myself forward, there was a reaction that was helping me. The reaction was the ground equally resisting my force so that it was possible to move myself forward. Without both sides of this happening I could not have improved my running ability.

    But the most important part of all of this was my thoughts. My thoughts caused me to run faster and longer. Thoughts are the cause of all we do. Everything we do starts with our thoughts.

    So, in order to succeed at that sport, I had to develop thought habits that would keep my hope and motivation going. I told myself that I was always improving, that I was getting better and better. I used a lot of positive self-talk to create the changes I wanted. And, I got them!

    I didn’t win any races, but I always completed them and continually got better.

    What was the cause of all that? My positive and encouraging thoughts!


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    I ran across this video by Zig Ziglar and thought it fit with this topic. He talks of his encounter with a woman who HATED her job, after she learned to find the good in her situation, she began to LOVE her job! Just after a shift in attitude.

    Along the same lines I’ll add some advise that Brian Tracy gives quite often. He says we are all self employed. We are responsible for everything that occurs in our job environment. It’s in our best interest to act as we would if we owned the company we work for. As we do that great things will happen.

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    Good job, Cam. I think that is a great analogy of any goal we go for. At first, it can be difficult and seem far away, but by knowing there are things we can do to get closer and closer–and doing those things (practice runs) we will get there. In life we aren’t competing against anyone but our last best. We can always be the winner thinking of things in this light. Inspiring, don’t you think?


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