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    emailed to Leslie 5/19/07

    I have read the jackrabbit factor and hidden treasures, they were wonderful.

    With the law of polarity, I heartily agree that there is always something to gain from every difficulty. then I began to wonder if the opposite might also be true. Is there some bad in every good thing? I have been a housekeeper (no pun intended) and have known some very miserable wealthy people, or would they have been miserable regardless?

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    Yes, the potential for that much abundance is there, so long as you make sure you are putting yourself in the right “vibration” to receive it. Keep focusing on the abundance that is on its way and in time it must come, as you act on the ideas that will get you there. The job you get could be just one of those intermediate steps to the ultimate goal, so be grateful for every part of the journey, continually focusing on the final outcome you seek. When things seem at their worst, allow yourself to feel gratitude for the challenge, because of what you will learn from it. The challenge doesn’t always go away immediately, but being grateful for it does start the turn-around process.

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    emailed to Leslie 10/6/06

    I first learned about you two years ago from one of Marnie's virtual conferences. I'm a subscriber to your ezine, have your Heavenly Help, and have read Jackrabbit Factor. I read a recent article you wrote about the vacuum law. I've been slowly releasing lifelong clutter for years. What's interesting to me is that now that I've been unemployed for the majority of a year and am at the point that I have no substantial money for my own support or the support of my children, I have more peace than I've ever had about money and abundance. I pay full tithing, and my finances have diminished. I've prospered spiritually and emotionally, and have been in poverty materially and financially for years. I've been studying personal development for years, and my fears are virtually gone concerning all aspects of my life. I trust in God more fully, and I'm applying for jobs. I have been holding out to stay at home for my children, though the avenues of income I have committed financially to develop haven't grown.

    MY QUESTION: Since my finances are so negative, or in a vacuum which is three times what my yearly income has been, (not including child support) can I expect even much greater prosperity to be on its way to me, opposite of how much I am in debt? It seems that the depths we reach make the heights that we are capable of that much higher. Is this thinking on track?

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    In all things there will be the two sides. Yes, there is at every point in time an opportunity to gravitate toward the good side or the bad of it. We can’t avoid the bad by avoiding the good, though, because in all things there will be both. So I think the objective is to choose the good and seek more good. Will that bring opportunity for more bad? Of course.

    A person could become wealthy and turn sour if they choose pride over gratitude and generosity. A person could stay poor and turn sour with envy and hoarding what little they have out of fear of losing it all. So could a wealthy person. I think the point is that there is nothing inherently bad about either station… it is how a person chooses to think in the now, no matter how much they have.

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