Lesson One - Statement of Self

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    I am a scouter. I find the greatest joy in life teaching scouting values to young men and helping them to grow and find the best within themselves. I enjoy being around people who live by those values and principles. By living these values and principles, I find new solutions and new ideas come in abundance.

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    Lila Carol

    As I prepared my graduation application at the end of the FTMF program, I noticed that on one question I had been asked to provide 3 goals, and had only provided 2. I realized that actually I have been living in line with a third goal that I hadn’t identified - probably because of its ethereal nature! I suspect that when we don't identify a hidden goal, we don't refine it, and therefore risk being easily distracted. As we lose awareness, the cards life deals us become a bit more twisted. That is why I believe there is nothing of greater value than to live our purpose. I am now about to jump horses to another goal. So far my three goals are happily moving forward and coexisting. These goals were devised and implemented during the FMTF course. They literally saved my life. A year later, and I am coaching in Delhi, about to go to Australia to realize my second goal: to develop Quantic Potential Measurement (a neuroscientific personality profiling technology). And the newly identified: to inspire the sacred development of my Goa community (...!)

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    My authentic statement (Lesson 1):

    Like many on here, I finished the FTMF course recently, and I've found myself struggling a bit. I know I "get" the principles, but I still don't always apply them. I'm still a bit flummoxed about what I want out of life - I know what I want, but I have no idea, really, of who I am, or what I want to be. I know this course will get me there!

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    It sounds like you have a number of great things going. If you are looking for more input from the stay-at-home mother who is running a home-based business, I have several people you might like to talk to, including my wife, SherLynne. let me know...

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    Mark, I would love to do Mentor Training! I set a goal to be able to do that. I love helping people find their own path. Sorry it took so long to respond to you, I had some difficulty getting back into the forum, and the wonderful people here have been so patient with me!

    I am writing a book at the moment, and am super excited to attend The Profitable Author next week. I am also working with my Mom and two other excellent women on a business to support mothers in different areas of their life, from homeschooling, organizing, and even communicating with their teenagers. We are building supportive books, websites... all the beginning stuff. It is quite exciting.

    My husband has a small radio show here in our little town on the college station, and he and his fellow hosts have big plans for it. We are dreaming away, and slowly seeing things unfold.

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    So Chani, what are you going to do next? I don't know if you have been invited to consider the Mentor Training, but from what you described in your post it looks like you would be a natural coach/mentor - something to think about. If you are anywhere near the Wasatch Front in Utah on December 9-10, you also might want to consider going to the Genius Boot camp being held in Orem. Check out the ThoughtsAlive website for more details.

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    I understand the desire to open my heart. I have been trying to do that for a long time. I find that I can do it for awhile, and then I forget... and have to start back over. After taking the FTMF class, I understand now why I had such a hard time keeping myself strong. When I go through a difficult trial and indulge in a lot of negative thoughts, they replay over and over and it takes time for me to figure out why I am suddenly so closed to the world. My husband has been the greatest help to me, because he brings to my attention that I have withdrawn (since often it happens so naturally.) I have reached the point where I am grateful for his reminders, and allow it to trigger me to bring myself back into proper alignment. I hope that you have figured out how you work and operate. I am looking forward to learning even more about myself in this course.


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    I recently finished the FTMF course, and wanted to continue my education.

    I am a quietly confidant woman who has always desired to be... not so quiet. I have hidden treasures of knowledge that seem to surface as the need arises. I find that I am a good mentor, pointing people in the right direction and providing tools and insight to help them discover the answer. I gained a deeper realization about this recently, and it led me to the desire to help others internalize these wonderful principles I am learning. I am doing my best to truly internalize them and make them a part of who I am. I want to help youth learn how to rely on their internal compass, and that it is okay to seek and find guidance from those who have gone before. I listen well, and as the oldest of 10 children, am often the one my siblings come to in order to get their thoughts in order. I love it when I council with friends and family, seeing the light in their expression as they find the key they were missing. I would love to serve in a greater capacity. I am also a writer and teller of stories. I grew up with excellent literature, and I would like to add new and captivating stories that teach and uplift while they entertain.

    I am learning to apply the laws of abundance into every area of my life, and I have found peace and security despite the data that could scare me. Through this, ideas have been pouring in. I am trying to take each day simply, and work on those areas I feel inspired to act on (as a mother of three small children, the time I have is small and often interrupted, but I manage to get a bit done everyday!)


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    So the author says let's "get real" I find this statement to mean different things to different people, but what it means to me is being honest about the "current" reality. My current reality is that I'm up later than I should be, because sleep is something I both crave and despise (that's where the "should" comes in). I am continually searching for what's both authentic (real, honest, genuine) about myself and true (as I am now, as I have been and as I will be). So... real to me is how things currently stand along with my insatiable desire to seek for growth and reconcile the "truth" with the currrent reality. You know~like the maps at the mall where you go to figure out where you are and where you want to go? You have to find both to get ANYWHERE. So I'm of the mindset that I look to where I want to go first and THEN I find the little arrow "YOU ARE HERE" (ah...if only life were that simple:rolleyes:) I'm finding this is a constant process and one I don't expect will change (though I do expect my "realities" to). The good news is I HAVE THE MAP!!! The infinitely more complex news is that I don't always know where I am on it (hence the need for the "eternal/internal compass"). So that is as close to "authentic" as I can get for you right now! I suppose my response is similar to when I started attending a new school and some boy asked me "who are you?" and I was STUMPED. Now if he'd asked "what's your name" I could have answered him (I DID know that). So, here's to a continual journey of discovery and an anticipation that I will meet lots of "whos" along the way who will be a part of revealing who I am (and vice versa)!

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    I've been reading through all the statements here and realized I may have misunderstood what the instruction was in posting an "authentic" statement about self. Anyway, I appreciate your statement about "unfolding the layers of who I am" because this has been my experience~layers. I think we all "see through a glass darkly" when it comes to "self" and this is the main reason I feel compelled to seek a higher power~because unfolding the layers seems to require it.

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    Hi Emily,

    I understand how difficult it can be to fully open your heart and be vulnerable, even with those that you love so dearly. This has been a journey for me as well. Mine was an issue of trust and being accepted for who I am vs. who I thought they wanted to be.

    As I continue to embrace who I am authentically and gain confidence in who that person is, the walls have fallen away naturally. My experience has been discovering a deeper closeness within those relationships that I feared would change or I would not be accepted for who I "really" was. It was a story that I had made up within myself that had no truth.

    I hope that your journey brings you to be able to fully open your heart. 🙂

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    I am on a continual journey of self-growth. I agree with the statement "if you are not growing, you are dying."

    I love to unfold the layers of who I am and how I can share with others in order to help them to live their life purposely and fulfilled.

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    James Chase

    I am a teacher. Over the last ten years I have been teaching a variety of subjects from computers, pesonal/school success, and communication/public speaking. Ultimately all of these things come back to helping people become better. For me to do this I too must be on this journey as well, it is for me an every continuing journey.

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    I want to know what my soul purpose is exactly. This may sound out there, but I want to be like God as he is the only one that knows complete happiness and how to keep it. I was on such a mental high while practicing the natural laws, but then as is predictable I hit a phase where I was Tired of the laws (rock bottom) and truly didn't want to try to control and think differently even one more time. I even decided that I had hit rock bottom and it was time to go up, but then I fell even deeper. I know this will level out as I use the principles cosistently.
    Since then, I have found myself able to finish things, which has brought be great pleasure. Things I love are drawing, painting, illustrating, writing, and reading, composing music, road trips, and gardening. I also like animals, especially rabbits:)

    I would like to write and illustrate children's storybooks and prove to be a great influence on the upcoming generations for good.

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    I just graduated from the FTMF course and today began the Soul Purpose course. I am here to post my "authentic statement about myself"

    I am passionate about continual learning and mentoring others through their own struggles. I love my family more than anything yet sometimes struggle to open up to them completely. My goal in taking this course is to seek out my Soul Purpose so that I can break down walls, open up to my loved ones and to God' will for me and DO IT!

    Emily Clawson

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    I actually put mine in a journal because this link wasn't up yet, so I think it is the right place.

    You have definitely come to the right place for changing your life. You will be surprised at the growth you will see in yourself. The home study course is life changing!!

    Don't be discouraged if you don't know "who you are" at first. I've been on this journey for about 3 years. When I attended Mentor Training, I had a powerful experience that gave me clarity in to what I needed to work toward and who I was to become. Yet, there is still a lot to do in between and other aspects of soul purpose and becoming. It comes in bits and pieces as you grow and learn. It is exciting and wonderful to see your life make changes and have growth that you've never seen before!!

    Keep us posted on all the good coming to you!

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    I am not sure what I am. I do what is necessary to continue with my life. Be that as a husband, employee, father, brother, sister, and friend. I do it whether I like it or not. It has to be done.

    I dont have a lot of joy in my life. there really is a lot for me to be thankful for, and I try to let GOD know that each day. I am trying to increase my communication with him daily.

    I want to enjoy my life and I think that is a decision I need to make. That is why I joined this school and this is the first course I am taking. I need to know what to do before I can do it.

    Money is not all that important to me. I want enough to give away to help people and to allow me not to work, but serve people who need serving.

    This is workbook question 3.

    I would have thought there would have been a thread open for each area/question so that related thoughts could be grouped together. I am replying here because this seemed like the logical place to do it.

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    In the last few days I have been doing a lot of reflecting. (Dangerous thing that is...) :107:
    I found that one part of the last statement is more true than I thought. I am a teacher. I love to take ideas and reform them mold them and present them in new ways. This is made me realize that I need to another line to the statement to include "I am a creator and a writer."

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