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    I wasn’t sure which “Law” this fell under, just that I have been thinking about it for a while. In Sunday School, we were told a story about letting go and trusting in God.

    “A man was standing on a high precipice overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He was enjoying the view of the dangerous rocks and waves far below. When along came a great rush of wind that blew him over the edge of the cliff.

    Panicking and reaching for anything to grab onto, he caught hold of a sapling tree that double over with his weight, yet still held him there.

    At this point, he did what everyone does in a life and death situation– he prayed. As he prayed, he heard a voice that said, “Do you believe that I crated the wind to blow you over the cliff?”

    “Yes.” Came the reply.

    “Do you believe that I created the sapling to which you are clinging to life?”


    “Do you believe that I can create a wind that will blow you up the cliff to safety?”


    “Then let go.”

    I have been tumbling this story around in my head for a couple of days now. There are so many times when I think I have great faith and that I believe, yet when it comes time for me to trust, I am frozen between my logical thinking that if I let go, I will be crushed and die or truly trusting God to catch me and lift me to safety and heights I couldn’t have dreamed.

    I have learned that the Lord really does know HOW to make things happen in my life. The real secret is trusting Him and letting go of my old habits, old thoughts, the wrong way of thinking. Do I still hold on to the concepts that I don’t have enough (money, time, freedom)? Or do I trust that there is abundance and He is ready to bless me? I sure know how I feel about all of that. It is interesting that I have had a couple of emails (as well as some posts in the forums) in the last few days that are concerns over money and the economy. I guess that is why I am thinking of “letting go” more and more this week.

    It kind of reminded me of the story of the little creatures at the bottom of the stream who were afraid to let go. I have learned that it is by “letting go” that we rise to the greatness that is within us. We let go so we can become.

    Hope you were all up for a thought for the day. Thanks for letting me get it out of my head! I’m sure there will be a lot more insights come up that I look forward to. I just thought that maybe this will help someone out there who is wondering and seeking…..


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    I want to say to all of you a BIG THANK YOU!!!!your stories inspire me and learn me not to give up and have faith to myself!!! i am very happy and grateful because i have managed to change my thoughts when i think negative..usually i think my nephew who is seven months or sing a song that makes me feel calm:).When i have a problem i try to relax so i know that i will find a solution very soon:)i try not to say that i can not because i know deep inside of me that with the Power of Will you can do EVERYTHING!!!!!

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    @terrie 4687 wrote:

    It is so good to know I have a positive place to go to when I am negative and what to change my thoughts.

    Terrie, I feel exactly the same way! 🙂


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    I really needed to read these messages inside my heart today. I am right now doing a very tedious and boring task for my company. My mind is drifting a lot while doing that.

    I was having a lot of negative thoughts about a past relationship I’m still in (that is only occurring it in my mind still) and was really negative about the other person. I was trying to force myself to stop thinking negatively. I finally thought WOW that is a *really helpful way to stop thinking negatively* — NOT — so I choose to stop what I was doing and check out your forum to fill my mind with other stuff that is much more positive.

    It is so good to know I have a positive place to go to when I am negative and what to change my thoughts.

    I love the stories and all that you all are sharing. It is really helping me. Thank you for helping me put positive images in my mind and great ways to deal with spills of life. You all have been my ‘baking soda’ for removing my mental negative oil spill this afternoon.

    I realize that I have not been that trusting of God and the journey I’m on. I have been trying to fix things my way and I keep running into obstacles. I need to put God’s mind on more, I’m sure that it will fit the situation much better than my way. WOW got much more to think about as I finish this task.

    Thank you, what a great gift you all have given me.

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    Wow I am totally loving this. I am at this point, Working on trusting and relaxing when it comes to money. TOTALLY trusting god.

    God knows WAY WAY infinity more than I do how to “do” my life. I am learning to trust more and more, and I am loving it. I feel at ease with him in control. I also asked him to let me know when I need to do something. I trust he will.

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    Thank you for the wonderful insights shared!

    RossAnne and Camber- Your stories heightened my awareness of changes made in my own emotional responses to life’s little or big challenges.


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    Nothing to add just want to say that reading each of your comments taught me what I needed to learn today. Thanks to each of you and of course love to Christy my dear daughter.

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    Great thread! I have loved reading everyone’s experiences with this concept!

    One of my favorite quotes is from Rudy Giuliani: *”My father used to say to me, ‘Whenever you get into a jam, whenever you get into a crisis or an emergency…become the calmest person in the room and you’ll be able to figure your way out of it.'” *

    It feels wrong when you first decide to remain calm — like you should be more dramatic and hysterical — but, like the rest of you, I have found that the calmer I am, the more easily and quickly the solution comes to me!

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    Man, these are some GREAT stories!

    1. I totally understand that relaxed and peaceful feeling. I sure get more accomplished when I do that. As a matter of fact, I have finally learned after doing this so often, that if I am feeling panicked or stressed or looking for something in a hurry, that if I just stop and take a deep breath and try to relax my mind, then things come. (Sponge theory here).

    2. Not only am I glad to find a secret to cleaning up oil:41:, but it was yet another great example of peace and a relaxed mind!

    Thanks for such good thoughts!


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    Ross Anne- Your experience reminded me of one that I had forgotten about that happened a few weeks ago. Scott and I were watching a movie. I asked him, being the wonderful husband that he is, if he wouldn’t mind rubbing my feet for a bit. He agreed so I grabbed some of our almond oil so they he could use that. We were on the couch and it was too dark to see much, but after he was done he set the bottle on the ground in front of the couch. I went to sit on the floor later in the movie, and saw the bottle sideways laying on the carpet. My first thoughts were “is that open???” When I realized that it was…I saw the HUGE oil spot that it was sitting in on our carpet! OIL!!! Now for some reason I was calm. I told Scott not to worry…I’d get it out. Most of the time I think when we spill something our first reaction is to jump up, grab a wet washcloth and scrub it out before it can soak in. Rather than doing that…which as I pondered later, I realized would’ve spread it all around worse and destroyed the carpet, I thought to myself…how can I soak this up? BAKING SODA came to mind. I grabbed a box of baking soda and piled it on the spot. I used a dry towel on top of that to press the powder down into the carpet. Once the baking soda became soak with the oil, I used a spoon to pick up the chunks and put more powder on the spot. I repeated those steps until the baking soda stayed dry and powdery on top. I then put the towel back on top and layed our heavy ottoman on its side on top of that to apply pressure through the night. The next morning I vacuumed up the remaining baking soda and there wasn’t a single bit of oil left on my carpet. I didn’t touch it with anything but the dry baking soda and you cannot even tell there was ever a single thing on the carpet. I was truly amazed, and grateful that I remained calm and thought for a minute before reacting to my circumstance.

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    Christy- It is interesting the conclusion you came to in why you couldn’t find the cotton squares when they were right in front of you. As I read your story and you commented on what you needed to learn, the first thought that came to my mind, along with the fact that you needed to relax to see your cotton squares, was that you also needed to REMOVE THE OLD NAIL POLISH, BEFORE you could continue forward with your pedicure. IF you didn’t do that and continued forward…your pedicure wouldn’t have been as beautiful as it could have been starting with a clean slate. I feel like that lesson has been the one that I truly needed in this process. I’ve understood the laws and concepts of “being positive” for a few years now, but it has been the FTMF course that has truly opened my eyes to some of the things I have needed to “clean up” in my mind first. The things that have kept me in the cycle. I know now that I had more to learn and still do. I’m glad to hear from you again on the site…I haven’t heard from you on here in a little while…and I’ve missed it. Hang in there. We’re all in the together!

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    Awesome stories Denise and Christy!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    I had an interesting experience last week.

    We had a booth for our business at a Women’s Show
    here in Boise that lasted two days for a total of 20
    hours! Needless to say at the end of the show on
    Friday I was pretty tired.

    We packed our booth up and I headed to the car
    to bring it around to pick our stuff up and everyone
    was trying to leave at once from a parking garage,
    so of course it was stand still traffic for a time.

    I found myself completely relaxed and at ease, a
    relatively new thing for me to experience.

    I was peaceful and relaxed in the mayhem as we gathered
    our things into my car.

    When I got home I realized I had left my computer cord
    at the show! With great patience and comfort knowing
    all was well I called the number I had to reach the
    director and a wonderful woman found my cord and held
    it there for me until I was able to get back and retrieve it!

    The biggest lesson from this experience was the peace
    and relaxation I felt that allowed my intuition to guide
    my steps to resolving the issues I was faced with. I was
    so excited to realize I had come so far in controlling
    my own thoughts and feelings!

    It was fabulous.

    Thanks for listening!


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    Thanks Denise!

    I really needed to read that today. I seem to be at a point in my life where that very theme is playing out in my life and requiring me to act on complete faith with no apparent logical evidence leading me.

    The thing I struggle with is how long is the gestation period before my life’s struggles starts making sense? I know there are no specific guidelines, but I am feeling pretty exhausted with my circumstances! I am working hard on changing my thoughts and applying the laws. I just need to start recognizing the evidence.

    A funny thing happened the other day, that seems to have a message for me. I decided to give myself a pedicure, and gathered everything I needed. However, there was one thing that I could not find and that was the cotton squares to remove nail polish. I knew that I had seen them the other day, and searched high and low, but had no success in finding them. I finally felt exasperated enough to give up and used toilet paper instead. As I was finishing my pedicure, I looked in front of me and just inches away was the bag of cotton squares! I could not believe that they had been in front of me the whole time! The moral of the story was that what I needed was always there and available, but I was too frusterated and emotional, therefore not able to be tuned in to recognize it.

    I think that is where I am now. I believe the answers and what I need are right in front of me, but I seem to be blocked in recognizing it!

    I am thankful for what I am learning and have hope that all is well and I am where I need to be!


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