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    I picked up a great book (Your Right to Fly – James E. Melton) at the thrift store and loved his section on Wealth. I think his idea ties into the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.

    “Beware of holding too much good in your hand.” – Emerson

    Melton considers breathing and how we must let air out in order to take in more air. We hold it and then exhale – it is a constant rroutine and we do it without even thinking. Melton learned that we have to let go (let the air out), in order to make room for more.

    If we hold our breath, we block the good and new air from entering our body.

    From Melton, “What Emerson was saying is that that we can block our good by holding on too tightly to what we have. In order to get mroe we must be willing to let go of what we already have.”

    I have set a goal to clean out some piece of my house every week and take the items to the thrift store. I have been a believer in ebay auctions and craigslist for quite some time, but I just decided that whatever I could take to the thrift store, I would happily do so. I am seeing that the more I give, the more I get. An added benefit is that I don’t have the stress of shipping packages, or watching an auction, or being disappointed in the price/interest in my goods. It is nice to just know I put something back into the universe and it will go to the person that needs it.

    This weekend I took a scanner to the thrift store, and I could just picture someone being thrilled with their new found treasure. Perhaps a scanner is just what they need to build their own business or finish school. Somebody out there needs it more than I do, and I am happy to be able to give.

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    Tammy, what a great thing to do as a family! What excellent thinking habits you are helping your children form. They are learning to choose instead of being a victim of other’s choices. Awesome.

    Angie, I have had some interesting thoughts as I practice being an “opulent woman.” I ask myself from time to time if an opulent woman would do or make the choice I am making. . . simple things like doing dishes, pulling weeds, purchasing things. I find that a lot of what I do and choose would be done by an “opulent woman”, therefore I already am one. I am just expanding my influence and circulating more good in all areas of my life.

    Way to go with the bands. My husband has used one for years and likes it. He just got me one the other day. My chiropractor told me I could actually strengthen my back muscles to the point my back would become straighter. I would like that.

    Happy choosing.


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    Wonderful! It is so neat to see when something better comes along because we have cleared a space for it.

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    I had a really good experience with this today.

    I love going to the gym & doing cardio. However, I’m not so keen on doing weights at the gym. Part of it is self-consciousness, and part is just not really feeling that I know what I’m doing. Even after I’ve been shown, I have some doubts about proper form, and I want to stay injury-free and build the muscles.

    I started cleaning out the garage to make room for a home gym of some sort. I decided I could put something in the corner of my office, but first I needed to move some of my “irregularly used” things to the garage. They’re currently in plastic bins in my office; the garage would be the perfect place.

    So I started looking for a home gym. I liked the Bowflex type of machine, but I just felt it was a little too pricey & a little too big. The right idea, but not the right execution of the idea.

    I set a goal of finding a good home gym system, and I did a search for resistance training, or something like that.

    What I came up with is a complete, never-outgrow-it set of RESISTANCE BANDS. Exactly what I need. I can clean out that corner & buy a yoga mat to put down there, and do the band exercises. They had excellent reviews. One person called this set “better than Bowflex,” and a trainer talked about how great they are.

    So they fit my space, fit my needs, and cost, including shipping, $112.76.

    It wasn’t that I *couldn’t* pay what the Bowflex cost; it was more that I knew it wasn’t quite right, and I think I was using the price as an excuse. I’m not used to our relative prosperity (it’s only been a couple of weeks), and that’s still sometimes challenging for me.

    Mainly, I think instinctively I knew there was something perfect, and I wasn’t willing to buy a large, expensive machine that didn’t feel perfect.

    Can’t wait till the bands arrive. I’m going to finish clearing my space tomorrow.

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    I too have been purging my house. I plan on purging every 6 months, July and Januaury of every year. It’s a time to purge and a time to re-evaluate the things we would like to have (especially learning resources for our family as we homeschool our children).

    As our children get older we also begin doing a “six month no” as a family. This is where we compare how we spend our time to what our real values are. We’ll write a list of all our activities and cross things off the list so more time is allowed for what we really value.


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    I love getting rid of stuff. I don’t understand how it multiplies when I am not looking. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll go for it again! Has anyone used the Fly Lady site to help in the process. She has you take a black garbage bag and go around picking up stuff. I think it was 29 pieces, and get rid of it–either give to someone who can use it or GoodWill or trash. She has you do that until it is all taken care of . Her tips on maintaining order are simple and really practical.


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    I was thinking about this same concept this past weekend. A while ago I read about someone who always received free books – he got free books from everywhere. And then he realized that he was always giving away free books — and that in turn opened the flow for him to receive books. So whatever it is you want to receive, you need to give away first so that you open the flow!

    We use the same concept when we tithe our money. We give the money to a higher purpose, and then we are blessed with more money flowing back to us. But, we need to give the money freely and gratefully. 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 says: “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

    I have found that the blessings come more quickly and more abundantly when I give more quickly (I tithe my money first instead of waiting to see if I have any money left to tithe with) and more abundantly (which doesn’t just mean how much we give, but how do we give it — to me, an abundant heart is cheerful and grateful).

    So this past weekend my husband and I were talking about how we never seem to have enough time. I was thinking about what we needed to learn from this experience, and it occurred to me that while we are giving a lot of our time to God, we aren’t always doing it gratefully and cheerfully — you could say we are doing it dutifully. We need to change our focus so that we are gratefully and cheerfully serving God and others, firmly believing that the time we need (and want) will come back to us!

    Angie, I have been de-cluttering like crazy ever since I started clearing out energy blocks! I am feeling lighter as I go! I haven’t read the book, but Peter Walsh who is a frequent guest on Oprah (he helps people clear out their clutter) wrote a book called “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” As I’m de-cluttering that title keeps coming to mind and I feel great joy as I am getting rid of all the junk that is keeping me from reaching my goals. I am feeling lighter and freer as I am passing this stuff on to someone who can use it. A closetful of junk has been reduced to a few boxes that I still have to go through.

    Thank you Angie and Ashlee for reminding me that collecting the stuff in my attic with the intention of bringing it to Grace (that’s our local version of Goodwill) is NOT the same thing as bringing it to Grace. I think I will do that today so it is done before I go on vacation and go to Mentor Training!!!

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    Thanks for sharing that. My husband does some selling on ebay, too, and uses that money to buy other things he finds on ebay. Then, we also either give toys and clothes to others who need them or donate them to our local thrift store.

    I need to declutter as well. It’s easy for me to tell my children to clean out their stuff to make way for the new, and I haven’t been as good at following that advice. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve had the impression lately that I need to go through my things and get rid of whatever isn’t serving me. It helps now that I’ve made a firm decision on what I want to do with my life. So now I can release all my unfinished projects since I have a better sense of where I’m headed.

    Angie, I like how you say, “Am I the kind of person that would wear this,” because in reality I hate the majority of my clothes but feel stuck wearing them since I don’t have the funds to go buy a totally new wardrobe. On the other hand, I’m not clearing the way to receive new clothes, either. Interesting. I have a busy week, but I can find something today to declutter and get started (my husband will be grateful–he’s not a clutterbug and I know all my “stuff” can get on his nerves). Thanks for posting on this topic!


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    I love it! I think that I will start “letting go more” in order to get more(and better). It is amazing thought when you do find things to let go of, how much lighter you feel. Thanks for the reminder.:)

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    This is so great that you posted this. I was going to post on this same idea, but haven’t had time.

    As part of my becoming healthier and living a healthy lifestyle, I decided to also remove some clutter from my house. I started last night in my bedroom. I don’t remember where I read about asking yourself, “Am I the kind of person who would wear this,” but I did that, and the answer on a lot of stuff was NO. I have some good clothes bagged up to go to Goodwill. I like your idea of thinking about the person who gets it. I’m thinking about the warm sweatshirts and how happy someone will be to have a good warm shirt. I bought my favorite sweatshirt (which is NOT leaving my possession, I might wear it tomorrow in fact 🙂 ) at a thrift store. Hopefully I can contribute to that kind of experience for someone else.

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