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    When I first read this book two years ago, I was living with my parents. I'm married with two children, so the situation wasn't the most ideal for me. My parents were on an 18-month mission to Tonga and were getting ready to come home in four months. When they left, our plan was to be out of their home when they returned, and it wasn't looking good for us. I was in a victim frame of mind. A friend told me about this book and I got excited about it. I ordered it right away. She raved about it and you know how when people rave about a book, you can be let down. Not so with this book!! I read it the day I got it and thought she hadn't raved enough about it!

    At the time, we couldn't afford a mortgage payment. My husband was having a hard time getting a promotion at his work and it got to where when he would interview, I would think, "Well, it will be a good job for ____ (the other person interviewing for it--no wonder he wasn't getting it)." Two weeks after I read "The Jackrabbit Factor," he came home and they had given him the promotion without him interviewing for it and he was starting right away. I was excited because this promotion gave us money to make a mortgage payment.

    Shortly after that, I was driving around and saw a house that I wanted to live in. My husband and I went and looked at it and fell in love with it. When it came down to financing, it was way out of our league. We found out what we could afford and started looking in that price range. We found a condo that we fell in love with and I started daily visualizing driving up to it, walking inside, pictured where our furniture would go and felt the feeling I would have living in a home of my own. I also physically drove by it as much as I could. We closed and moved into it the weekend before my parents came home!!

    About a year ago, my husband's work put all of them on salary which significantly reduced our income. I moaned and complained about it to anyone that would listen (I was getting ready to quit working and had to keep working, so that was part of my anger). I became a victim all over again!! I started crawling out of the hole and then, a few months later, my mother unexpectedly died of breast cancer. She was my head cheerleader and her death was extremely difficult. I'm grateful for the law of polarity (which my sister reminded me about quite a few times) because I know how bad my life got and I'm grateful that it can be just as good!!

    I've had a lightbulb moment recently. I want to move into a bigger home and I've been feeling like it's just too hard, we can't afford it, etc. I'm reading and studying "The Jackrabbit Factor" again, and I'm excited!! I've been remembering what I did to help us get where we are and I'm so grateful to be here. I'm grateful to have tools to help me get to bigger and better places in all areas of my life!!

    My husband gets a bonus paycheck once a month and it's mostly been a couple of hundred dollars, which certainly helps. His check yesterday was more than double his weekly pay!! Now we need to start looking and find the exact home we want and I know we're well on our way to moving again!

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    That is so great Melanie.:) I love unexpected checks. I have gotten my kids in on this idea, and so when we get them, they rejoice with me. Their excitement fuels mine, and it really is such a sweet experience to share.:)

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